From the dawn of time they walked among humanity, hidden, immortal.

Wizard, Sorcerer, Witch

They wield mysterious and arcane powers.

Philosopher, Inventor, Scientist

With knowledge and artifice they transform the beliefs and tools of mankind.

Alexander, Mohammed, da Vinci

Their names and deeds ring through the corridors of history

Gilgamesh, Orpheus, Arthur

Or become the stuff of legend.

Assassins, Templars, Illuminati

Through covert organizations they influence mortal society and war among themselves for control of the world.

Ascension, Nirvana, Apotheosis

Their goals are nothing less than mastery of the fundamental nature of reality.

Changeling, Mole, Orphan

Due to stratagem or desperation, some hide even more deeply among humans, reborn in new bodies, with no memory of their true past.

Today you awoke, looked into the mirror, and remembered

You are one of them.