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OK, so there are no game mechanics, but because this still isn't reality we do have a few conventions to simulate things.

First, there is no violence of any kind allowed in the game. You cannot use physical means to make a character do anything or to prevent them from doing something. Locked doors may not be forced. Assume that there are a nigh infinite number of ubiquitious guards who will quickly and efficiently quell any violence during the evening. A similar situation applies for poisons and food-tasters. Player characters may, of course, use the threat of violence after the feast in order to influence others.

Second, any signed piece of paper which a player can produce at the end of the game is considered a legally binding contract between the signatories, as long as it also contains the signatures of two living witnesses. (The actual signatories need not be alive for the contract to remain in effect.) For the sake of convenience, we'll assume that all characters have the requisite legal knowledge to spot and avoid an unenforceable contract. The emperor can nullify any contract unless he is one of the signatories or witnesses.

Third, the game will end sometime around midnight. I'll let the exact time be determined by circumstances internal to the game, i.e. as in real life, the people involved will decide when the party's over. Immediately after leaving the feast, you will be asked to write down (or dictate to me) some quick notes on what actions your character is going to take in the next few days or weeks. I'll quickly compile these together and use these to announce the "outcome" of the evening's plots.

Finally, standard house rules apply. Don't dig through drawers and cabinets, but also don't hide things there. Respect the property and privacy of the real owners of the premises. One special caveat: the standard rule about bathrooms being off limits to game play does not apply to this game. In keeping with the "as real as we can make it" premise, players should remain in character at all times. So if you want privacy, lock the door!

(Note: The rule for "imperial executions" has been removed. Not only is it not particularly historic, but I'm hoping that I can assume no character will be stupid enough to insult the emperor to his face!)

Page updated 7/21/99, Scott Martin