Agricola, Marcus Caeculus Prefect (commander) of the Praetorian Guard. Agricola or Commander Agricola. (Christian Brown)

Apicius, Marcus Cavius Wealthy Roman merchant of the reign of Germanicus (AD 14-30) who gave colossal banquets that eventually drove him to bankruptcy and suicide, not before he wrote his De Re Coquinaria, "About Cooking"

Atilius Regulus, Quintus (Atilius) AD 28-, Equestrian ex-procurator of Pontus. Widowed, son Septus. (Hal Bowman)

Aurelia Severas (Aurelia) AD 25-, Daughter of Aurelia Minor (daughter of Caesar Germanicus) and Tiberius Cassius Drusus, cousin of Emperor Domitius, sister of Quintus Cassius Aurelius. Husband Septimius Severas, sons Castor Decius Mandius and Octavius Severas. (Amy Creamer)


Cassius Aurelius, Quintus (Cassius Aurelius) AD 14-, Praetor Urbanus of Rome. Former praetor of Ephesus, Athens, and Carthage, proconsul of Asia and Africa. Son of Aurelia Maior (daughter of Caesar Germanicus) and Tiberius Cassius Drusus, cousin and advisor of Emperor Domitius. Wife Arria (cousin of Emperor Domitius), daughters Cassia and Germanica (wife of Julius Domitius Postumus, the nephew of Emperor Domitius), (Michael Reed)


Domitius Caesar, Gaius (Domitius, Emporer Domitius, or Caesar) AD16- Princeps, Imperator Maius, Pontifex Maximus, Pater Patriae (AD 48-). Son of Emporer Castor and his first wife Cilicia. Wife Merrinia, son Tiberius Domitius (deceased), daughters Domitia Minor (deceased) and Domitria (Aaron Vanek)

Domitius Caesar, Germanicus AD 24-63, Son of Titus Germanicus and Octavia, adopted son and heir of Emporer Domitius, recently killed in Germania

Domitius Caesar, Tiberius AD 14-40, Elder brother of Emperor Domitius, disappeared pursuing bandits in Mauretania Tingitana. Wife Antonia (daughter of Titus Germanicus and Octavia), son Julius Postumus (married to Germanica, daughter of Cassius Aurelius), daughter Julia (married to Pulcher Minor, son of Senator Tullius)

Domitius Caesar Castoranus, Sestus (Emporer Castor) AD 6-48, Emperor of Rome AD 30-48, conservative, reviled for despotic rule in later years. First wife Cilicia (deceased) sons Tiberius Domitius Caesar (deceased) and Gaius Domitius Caesar, second wife Ennia son Lucius Domitius Ennius.

Domitius Postumus, Julius AD40-, Son of Tiberius Domitius Caesar and Antonia, nephew of Emperor Domitius. Wife Germanica (daughter of Qunitus Cassius Aurelius)

Domitria AD 43-, Daughter of Emperor Domitius, widow of Germanicus Domitius (the emperor's adopted son and heir). (Rachel Heslin)


Ennia Castora BC 4-, Widow of Emperor Castor

Ennius, Lucius Domitius (Ennius or Pontifex Ennius ) AD 21-, Flamen Dialis (high priest of Jupiter) and a member of the College of Pontifexes. Son of Emporer Castor and his second wife Ennia, half-brother of Emporer Domitius. Wife Procula, son Paterculus Domitius Ennius, daughter Ennia. (Barry Wilson)


Gallicus, Caius Nemedius (Gallicus or Senator Nemedius) A senator from Gaul, proconsul of Narbonensis, pater familias of the Nemedius familiy. Widowed, no children. (Richard Becker)


Herod Aemilianus (Herod) King of Chalcis and Tetrarch of Batanaea and Trachonitis. Son of Herod Agrippa, the king of Judaea. Married (Alex Epstein)


Julia Djadeh Imperial freedwoman of Egyptian ethnic origin. Long-time concubine of General Vespasianus. (Cynthia Chamberlin)


Marcus Caeculus Agricola Prefect (commander) of the Praetorian Guard. Agricola or Commander Agricola. (Christian Brown)

Merrinia Caesara AD 19-, Wife of Emperor Domitius


Petronius Niger, Titus (Petronius) author of the Satyricon, a comic literary portrait of Roman society, relating the wanderings and escapades of a disreputable trio of adventurers, the narrator Encolpius ("Embracer"), his friend Ascyltos ("Scot-free"), and the boy Giton ("Neighbour")

Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus) AD 23-, Roman author of the encyclopaedic work Natural History

Publius Maximus, Sextus (Publius or Tribune Publius) First Tribune (second-in-command) of the Praetorian Guard, the emperor's elite bodyguard. (Mike Donahue)


Quintus Flavius Piper AD -54, Prefect of the Praetorian Guard, uncle of Titus Flavius. Killed during bread riots.


Rutger, Cassius Iulius Champion gladiator who fought under the name Cassipor. A former German war slave, after a long and illustrious career he recently won his freedom and retired from the arena. Rutger. (Ian)


Seneca, Lucius Annaeus "philosophus", Seneca The Younger, BC 4-, Roman (stoic) philosopher, statesman, orator, and tragedian

Septimius Severas (Severas) AD 27-, Praetor of Gerasa in the Decapolis. Wife Aurelia (cousin of Emperor Domitius), sons Octavius and Castor Decius Mandius (by marriage). (Brian Tatosky)


Titus Flavius Vespasianus (Titus Flavius or General Vespasian) AD 29-, Commander of the Sabine Legion and Conqueror of Britain. Former senator, scion of the Flavii family of the Sabine Hills (known for their wine production), nephew to Senator Vespasianus. (Ray LaVoie)

Tullius Pulcher, Lucius (Tully, Senator Tullius, Pulcher Maior, or Tully the Great) AD 18-, Senator, former consul and general of the legions in Egypt, recent conqueror of Cush. Wife Domitia (cousin of Emperor Domitius), son Marcus Tullius Pulcher, daughters Tulla Major and Tulla Minor (Dan Rego)

Tullius Pulcher, Marcus AD 43-, son of Lucius Tullius Pulcher and Domitia Maior, cousin of Emperor Domitius. Wife Julia (niece of Emperor Domitius)


Valerius Secundus, Sextus (Valerius or Secundus) AD 27- Wealthy shipping magnate, romanized Jew, adopted by the plebian Valerii family. Unmarried. (Andy Robinson)

Vespasianus, Valerius (Vespasian or Senator Vespasianus) AD 5-, Senator, former imperial legate in Syria, pater familias of the Vespasian family (known for their wine production in Italy), uncle of Titus Flavius. Sons two, daughters Livia and two others. (Tapani)