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Barry Wilson has put together the following alphabetical lists of information which are amazingly useful!
  • People - Current: Living characters in the game world of Imperium
  • People - Historical: Historical characters in the game world of Imperium, many of whom also existed in the real Roman Empire
  • Gods: Some of the major Roman gods
  • Daily Life: A fantastic collection of day-to-day facts including common invectives, currency, and festivals
  • Places - Rome: Places in the city of Rome
  • Places - World: Places beyond the city of Rome
  • Government Officials: Details about various titles and officials as they existed in the late republic (though many of the details have changed under the empire)

I especially recommend looking over the list of festivals, since they'll allow your characters to chat about the horse races which occurred in the Neptunalia the day before the feast, or discuss how much you plan to drink at next month's Vinalia!

Finally, a caveat about the place lists, especially regarding Roman provinces. The Roman empire of Imperium is much larger than that of history. (See the map of the empire.) Some specific changes to watch out for:

  • There are a whole slew of new provinces in the area of northern Europe. These include Treveria, Frisia, Longobardia, Cimbria, Chattia, Vandalia, Alemannia, Germania Magna, Dacia, and Sarmatia Minor.
  • There are also a few new provinces in the east, mostly corresponding to the historical provinces and city-states which were historically annexed by the empire in the 2nd century. These include Mesopotamia, Armenia, and Colchis.
  • Historically, the Roman province of Palestine (Syria Palestina) wasn't created until the 2nd century, when the Jews were expelled from Jerusalem and the client kingdom of Judaea dismantled. In the world of Imperium, Judaea is just one portion of a much larger Palestine province, which extends both north and east of Judaea to encompass the city of Antioch and a host of smaller client states.

Page updated 7/28/99, Scott Martin