Sextus Valerius Secundus
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Though born a Jew in Judaea, as a young adult Secundus moved to Rome and was adopted into the Valerii, a wealthy plebeian family. He changed his name, embraced Roman religion and culture, and rapidly combined the wealth of the Valerii with his connections in the East to became one of the richest plebes in Rome, controlling a huge import and export business with branches across the Mediterranean. He is also one of Rome's major moneylenders, though most of his clients are provincials or freedmen. Most patricians, and even many equestrians and plebeians, would prefer not to do business with him, but his extensive business and contacts often force them to do so.

Secundus makes no secret of his desire to be elected as one of the ten tribunes, despite the fact that the office is purely ceremonical. However, it can be a stepping stone into the senate. Secundus actually does have some support among the plebs, especially among the merchant classes. His popularity among the masses has also increased in recent years since he purchased some gladiatorial and racing teams and began sponsoring games. He also makes regular contributions to the Roman temples and has offered to finance part of the expected upcoming Salutatio for Titus Flavius Vespasianus and to sponsor a series of gladiatorial games in his honor.

Secundus is unmarried.

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