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Rutger is a former slave and champion gladiator, until recently owned by Quintus Cassius Aurelius, the emperor's cousin. He fought under the name Cassipor until a month ago when he won his freedom and retired form the arena, a famous and relatively wealthy man.

Rutger was originally a warrior chief among the barbarians of Germania, but four years ago he was captured, taken to Rome, and sold at auction to a keen-eyed lanista (trainer of gladiators). After being trained as a secutor (sword and shield fighter), he was sold to Cassius Aurelius, and went on to become an undefeated champion, winning over fifteen fights.

By the time he won his freedom, he was one of the best-known gladiators in Rome and had accumulated a substantial amount in prizes and gifts. Since that time he has been feted as a minor celebrity throughout Rome, invited to numerous dinners and parties.

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