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Sestus Domitius Caesar Castoranus (Castor)
Born Sestus Domitius Castor, the son of Gnaeus Domitius Castor and Julia, Augustus's daughter. Father of
Tiberius Domitius and Gaius Domitius. (See the imperial family tree.) After his two cousins died in the year 24, his uncle Caesar Germanicus named him heir to the throne (bypassing Castor's sickly elder brother, Marcus). Castor inherited the throne in 30. Extremely conservative and risk averse, Castor never got along well with his militarily aggressive son Gaius Domitius, and strongly favored Tiberius. Even after Tiberius's death he refused to name Gaius heir, and he tried twice to prosecute his son for treason when Gaius disobeyed his orders. Tiberius also coincided with the decline of his own health, and he spent much of the last eight years of his life bedridden, forced to rule the empire through his despotic and unchecked secret police. When he died in 48 (after naming Domitius his heir on his deathbed) he was soundly hated by both the Senate and the general public of Rome.

Tiberius Domitius Caesar
The deceased elder brother of
Emperor Domitius . He was married to Antonia, the daughter of Titus Germanicus and Octavia, and had two children, Julia and Julius Postumus. (See the imperial family tree.) Tiberius was generally popular among both senators and the Roman populace, looked upon as an excellent heir to the imperial power. He was especially esteemed in the legions, where he was known for his excellent horsemanship and his command of cavalry forces. He was often found on the empire's frontiers, holding down the borders with a small force of cavalry while the infantry troops remained behind in barracks. This practice proved his undoing when he and an entire cohort disappeared in 40 while chasing Berber raiders into the deserts of Mauretania Tingitana. His legacy was later dogged by claims of incompetence, eventually leading to official condemnation of his brash orders which caused his legion to lose its commander while in a dangerous position.

Merrinia Caesara
The wife of
Emperor Domitius. They have one surviving child, Domitria. (See the imperial family tree.) The daughter of a rural senator, during the early years of their marriage Merrinia often accompanied her husband to the frontier and truly enjoyed an adventurous life. During her years in Noricum, Illyricum, Moesia, Dacia, and Germania, Merrinia trudged through wilderness, endured harsh northern winters, traded with barbarians for food, and even commanded troops in a pinch, all the while raising three children. However, after her husband became emperor, Merrinia was forced to move to Rome and instantly grew to hate city life. There she lost her two eldest children to plague. Domitius no longer allowed her to accompany him on campaign, and was often away for years at a time. Merrinia makes no secret of her unhappiness with Rome or her husband. Rumor has it that the "wild empress" has assauged her grief with a string of lovers, a rumor which many believe was confirmed when Domitius had her publicly whipped four years ago for unspecified "acts of licentiousness". Since then, Merrinia has been allowed to spend six months of each year on her family's estates in Illyricum, where she is now.

Germanicus Domitius Caesar
Germanicus is the deceased son of Titus Germanicus and Octavia, a grandson of Caesar Germanicus. In 55 he was married to
Domitria, the only daughter of Emperor Domitius, who adopted him as son and heir. They had no children. (See the imperial family tree.) Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and his adopted father, Germanicus was a brilliant military leader who made his career fighting barbarians in Germania, eventually rising to command of all the legions in southern Germania. A week ago word reached Rome that Germanicus had been killed fighting those barbarians.

Julius Domitius Postumus
The 23-year old son of
Tiberius Domitius Caesar and Antonia, the nephew of Emperor Domitius. He recently married Germanica, the younger daughter of Qunitus Cassius Aurelius. (See the imperial family tree.)

Marcus Tullius Pulcher
The 20-year old son of
Lucius Tullius Pulcher and Domitia Maior, a cousin of Emperor Domitius He is married to Julia, the emperor's niece. (See the imperial family tree.) A few months ago he was assigned as a tribune in Britain, under the general command of Titus Flavius Vespasianus. He is still there, in command of the garrison in Londinium.

Quintus Flavius Piper
The deceased uncle of
Titus Flavius Vespasianus. He was appointed prefect of the Praetorian Guard during the tenure of Emperor Castor, and continued on in that capacity under Emperor Domitius, during which time he managed to pack the Guard with his family's supporters from the Sabine Hills. He was killed in 54 while quelling bread riots in Rome when the Egyptian grain fleet was delayed by storms.

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