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The prefect (commander) of the Praetorian Guard, the emperor's elite body guards. His second-in-command is First Tribune of the Praetorians Sextus Publius Maximus.

Agricola was appointed prefect of the Praetorians nine years ago when his predecessor, Quintus Flavius Piper, was killed while quelling bread riots in Rome when the Egyptian grain fleet was delayed by storms. The Caeculi are a minor patrician family with a long history of serving as clients to the Domitii. There is no doubt in anyone's mind of his loyalty to Domitius.

[Historical Note on the Praetorian Guard: Though often referred to as bodyguards, in many ways the Praetorians are better described as palace guards. They do not actually accompany the emperor when he leaves Rome, since he is actually much safer in the field where he's typically surrounded by thousands of loyal legionaries. Instead they remain behind, guard his home and family, look after his interests in Rome, and when necessary keep the city's peace by supplementing the vigiles (the police).]

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