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Because of the plethora of names used by male Romans, at the end of each description I've listed those names in common usage. If there are multiple options listed, they're in order of increasing formality. In all cases, close family members would simply use only the character's first name.

Roman Aristocrats (High Plot Involvement)

Gaius Domitius Caesar: Princeps, Imperator Maius, Pontifex Maximus, and Pater Patriae. Ruler of the Roman Empire. Age 47. Domitius, Emperor Domitius, or Caesar.(Aaron Vanek)

Marcus Caeculus Agricola: Prefect (commander) of the Praetorian Guard. Age 44. Agricola or Commander Agricola. (Christian Brown)

Lucius Domitius Ennius: Flamen Dialis (priest of Jupiter) and Pontifex. Half-brother of the emperor. Age 42. Ennius or Pontifex Ennius. (Barry Wilson)

Quintus Cassius Aurelius: Praetor of the City of Rome. Cousin and advisor of the emperor. Age 49. Cassius Aurelius. (Michael Reed)

Sextus Publius Maximus: Second-in-command of the Praetorian Guard. Age 40. Publius or Tribune Publius. (Mike Donahue)

Lucius Tullius Pulcher: Tully the Great, aenator, former consul, and recent conqueror of Kush. Age 45. Tully, Senator Tullius, or Pulcher Maior. (Dan Rego)

Valerius Vespasianus: Senator, uncle of Titus Flavius. Age 58. Vespasian or Senator Vespasianus.(Tapani)

Titus Flavius Vespasianus: Commander of the Sabine Legion and Conqueror of Britain. Age 34. Titus Flavius or General Vespasian. (Ray LaVoie)

Cassius Iulius Rutger: Champion gladiator who fought under the name Cassipor. A former German war slave, after a long and illustrious career he recently won his freedom and retired from the arena. Age 30? Rutger. (Ian)

Visiting Dignitaries (Medium Plot Involvement)

Domitria: Daughter of the emperor, widow of Germanicus. Age 20. Domitria. (Rachel Heslin)

Herod Aemilianus: King of Chalcis and Tetrarch of Batanaea and Trachonitis. A member of the Herodian dynasty of Judea. Age 36. Herod. (Alex Epstein)

Julia Djadeh: Imperial freedwoman of Egyptian ethnic origin. Long-time concubine of Titus Flavius Vespasianus. Age 38. Julia. (Cynthia Chamberlin)

Caius Nemedius Gallicus: A senator from Gaul. Age 40. Gallicus or Senator Nemedius. (Richard Becker)

Quintus Atilius Regulus: An equestrian ex-procurator. Age 35. Atilius. (Hal Bowman)

Sextus Valerius Secundus: A Romanized Jew and a wealthy shipping magnate. Age 36. Valerius or Secundus. (Andy Robinson)

Aurelia Severas: Second cousin of the emperor and wife of Septimius Severas. Age 38. Aurelia. (Amy Creamer)

Septimius Severas: Praetor of Gerasa in the Decapolis (a league of wealthy Greek cities in eastern Palestine). Age 36. Severas. (Brian Tatosky)

Important NPCs
Domitius Caesar Castor
Tiberius Domitius Caesar
Merrinia Caesara
Germanicus Domitius Caesar
Julius Domitius Postumus
Marcus Tullius Pulcher
Quintus Flavius Piper


Sulius: Head slave of the imperial household (and gamemaster in disguise). (Scott Martin)

Critia: Head chef in the imperial palace. (Kirsten Hageleit Denny)

Ebrius: Palace wine steward. (Pat Mannion)

Micara (Cara): A Celtic dancer. (Roselle Hurley)

Ancilla: A slave. (Colleen Kennedy)

Atticus: A slave. (Stuart Kalbrofsky)

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