Lankhmar: Carnival of Swords
Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser
Sundered from us by gulfs of time and stranger dimensions dreams the ancient world of Nehwon with its towers and skulls and jewels, its swords and sorceries. Nehwon's known realms crowd about the Inner Sea: northward the green-forested fierce Land of the Eight Cities, eastward, the steppe-dwelling Mingol horsemen and the desert where caravans creep from the rich Eastern Lands and the River Tilth. But southward, linked to the desert only by the Sinking Land and further warded by the Great Dike and the Mountain of Hunger, are the rich grainfields and walled cities of Lankhmar, eldest and chiefest of Nehwon's lands. Dominating the Land of Lankhmar and crouching at the silty mouth of the River Hlal in a secure corner between the grainfields, the Great Salt Marsh, and the Inner Sea is the massive-walled and mazy-alleyed metropolis of Lankhmar, thick with thieves and shaven priests, lean-framed magicians and fat-bellied merchants -- Lankhmar the Imperishable, the City of the Black Toga.
-- Fritz Leiber,

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It's Carnival in Lahnkhmar, the City of Seven Score Thousand Smokes, and you are invited to join the revelry! March with the parades and processions, attend the masquerade balls, and dance in the streets! The Overlord has (reluctantly) opened the Rainbow Palace to the public, the Silver Eel Tavern is stocked with extra ale and dancing slave girls, and the merchants, whores, and other professionals of the Plaza of Dark Delights await your business. Wealthy nobles have hired actors, jugglers, and musicians to dazzle and mystify the crowds, each attempting to outdo the other in spectacle and attest to their sponsor's largesse. Traders from the forested Land of Eight Cities, mazy Ilthmar, the snowy Cold Wastes, great Horborixen, mysterious Quarmal, steaming Klesh, and even the crystal-spired city of far Tisilinilit come bearing fine silks, mushroom wines, invisible gems, deadly poisons, snow leopard pelts, Mingol charms, and other exotic goods to dazzle your eyes and lighten your pockets. Priests and preachers of the numberless gods in Lankhmar are out in droves, sparing no effort to gain new converts, with their concomitant donations and tithes. Even the venerable Thieves' Guild has its vast membership working overtime. The city gates lie open and Lankhmar the Imperishable awaits you!

Lankhmar: Carnival of Swords is a live role-playing game designed and run by Scott Martin and sponsored by Enigma, the UCLA Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club. Lankhmar: Carnival of Swords is based on the swords and sorcery works of Fritz Leiber which chronicle the adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, the two greatest hero-rogues in all fiction.

Lankhmar: Carnival of Swords will be held on January 27, 2001 at the home of Ray and Cynthia (after being postponed from a date in November). While the first wave of characters (who will get priority for plotting purposes) is already in, the follow-up deadline for new character submissions is November 30.

  • Characters: Creating and submitting a character
  • Background: Information on Lankhmar and Newhon, and on the mood and tone of the world
  • Mechanics: Combat, abilities, and other game mechanics
  • Logistics: Details of time, location, costuming, and house rules