Lankhmar: Carnival of Swords

Fafhrd and the Mouser are rogues through and through, though each has in him a lot of humanity and at least a diamond chip of the spirit of true adventure. They drink, they feast, they wench, they brawl, they steal, they gamble, and surely they hire out their swords to powers that are only a shade better, if that, than the villains.
-- Fritz Leiber,
"Author's Note",
The Swords of Lankhmar

Fafhrd, stretched out in a grassy hilltop hollow lit by moonlight and campfire, was conversing with a long-limbed recumbent skeleton named Kreeshkra, but whom he now mostly addressed as Bonny Bones. It was a moderately strange sight, yet one to touch the hearts of imaginative lovers and enemies of racial discrimination in all the many universes.
-- Fritz Leiber,
The Swords of Lankhmar

For an old man Quarmal was not particularly hideous until his eyes were noticed. They were peculiar in their shape and the ball was a rich ruby-red. The dead-white iris had that nauseous sheen of pearly iridescence found only in the sea dwellers among living creatures; this character he inherited from his mother, a mer-woman.
-- Fritz Leiber,
"The Lords of Quarmall"

"However, it happens that she invariably follows the rule -- which I myself consider a sound one -- of never completing a transaction of any sort with a member of the opposite sex without first testing them in amorous commerce. Hence this second meeting. If the member be old or otherwise ugly, Nemia deputes the task to one of her maids, but in my case, of course " Fafhrd coughed modestly.
-- Fritz Leiber,
"The Two Best Thieves in Lankhmar"

"I am the winged priestess, mistress of the hawks. I am the clawed queen, the feathered princess, incarnation of She who has ruled here forever, despite priests' interdict and Overlord's command. I am she who visits suitable injury on the haughty and voluptuous women of Lankhmar. I am she who sends messengers to take the tribute that was once laid freely though tremblingly upon my altar."
-- Fritz Leiber,
"Claws from the Night"

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Cast of Characters

These are characters which have already been cast. Feel free to refer to them in your character submissions.

Player Characters

Fafhrd (Ray Lavoie): a giant barbarian from the Cold Wastes

the Gray Mouser (Ian Fagan): a small thief of unknown origin

Glipkerio Kistomerces (Karl Bilawski): Overlord of Lankhmar

Samanda (Kathleen McDill): feared housekeeper of the Rainbow Palace

Tibble the Likable (Pat Mannion): a palace eunuch

Lady Daeva Venn (Deborah Schallau): once the foremost courtesan in the Plaza of Dark Delights, later the wife of the elderly Lord Venn, now his widow and the sole owner of the powerful Venn family holdings

Lord Jheffer Topoles (Ferret Baudoin): head of the powerful Topoles clan, reputed to dabble in sorcery

Lady Le'anora Llewelyn (Amy Creamer): widowed head of the Llewelyn family, wealthy grain merchants and spice traders

Largo the Granarian (Mike Tice): officially a minor grain merchant (Adjutant to the Assistant Undersecretary for Grain), unofficially a highly respected fence

Sulam-Adin (Stuart Kalbrofsky): a seller of curios

Mara (Judy Adler): a seller of potions

Silas (Kevin Moran): an acolyte of the god Asatha

Vashpin (Christian Brown): a reclusive sorceror

Teraxis (Phil Adler): assistant to the sorceror Vashpin

Scealalone (Roselle Hurley): slave dancer

Death's Advocate (Andy Sands): also known as the Grim Reaper, the Harvester of Souls, and a host of other titles, but not Death

Cernard (Paul Killian): a member of the Thieves' Guild

Alyx the Pickpocket (R.S.): freelance female thief (the Guild does not allow female members)

Ewan (Nic Webb): a hired sword and cutthroat

K'anpo Rimpoche (Dan Rego): a lord from the Eastern Lands

Astorian (Brian Tatosky): mysterious foreigner, looks like a northerner

Johann (Tapani): another mysterious foreigner

Domik (Sean Brunton): yet another mysterious foreigner (Lankhmar attracts them like flies)

Zoli (Rhonda St. Laurent): a palm reader, leader of a troupe of travelling performers

Roslyn (Rachel Heslin): a travelling entertainer

Antonnin (Mike St. Laurent): a travelling seller of "death-wares"

Non-Player Characters

Elakemia (Cynthia Chamberlin): the Overlord's aunt

Kresh (Richard Becker): proprietor of the Silver Eel

Sheelba of the Eyeless Face (Cynthia Chamberlin): a powerful and mysterious sorceror (NPC and referee)

Ningauble of the Seven Eyes (Richard Becker): a mysterious and powerful sorceror (NPC and referee)

Death (Scott Martin): the ultimate arbiter (NPC and gamemaster)

"Secondary" Player Characters

These are the "backup" characters people have created in case of the death of their primary character. Thus they may or may not appear in the game, but you can always have connections to them.

Kervak the Enforcer: a palace scribe charged with enforcing the Overlord's mostly-ignored religious regulations

Reetha: a servant in the palace

Shultasan: a palace guard

Ghent Topoles: younger brother of Jheffer Topoles

Jenna Topoles: younger sister of Lord Jheffer and Ghent Topoles

Patro Manses: a minor nobleman

Lady Mivik: a minor noblewoman

Lord Eblis: a minor noble

Iolo: a spice merchant

Moshad: a slave trader

the Archimandrite: high priest of Aarth

the Hierophant: high priest of Kramlech-Nar

Jude the Amazing: a "sorceress" who performs petty tricks

Arrietty: a finder of lost items

the Guildmaster: head of the Thieves' Guild (no name known)

Lefty: a beggar

Heliocrates: philosopher and astrologer

Burt: Lankhmar's most talented weapons trainer

Baaril: a peasant boy

Bone-Proud: a ghoul

Radik: Prince of Sarheenmar

Sayenda: one of Radik's personal bodyguard

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