A Family Affair:
Public History of the
Cavanaugh Family and Friends

1928Michael Cavanaugh born on Sep 26
1930sMichael grows up with boyhood friends Vincent Scarlotti and Richard Marinelli
1949Jeff Ross born
1950Michael marries his first wife Maureen Ryan.
1952Richard Marinelli becomes a successful lawyer. Among his other clients he serves as the Cavanaugh family's primary lawyer for the rest of his career.
1953Arthur Marinelli born to father Richard.
1953Gabriel Manning born.
1954Vincent Scarlotti graduates from seminary, becomes a Catholic priest. He serves as family priest to the Cavanaughs and Marinellis for the next four decades years.
1960Mary Cavanaugh born to Michael and Maureen; Maureen dies in childbirth.
1960Samuel born to John Cavanaugh and his wife Katherine
1965Michael marries Amanda Marshall, a debutante from Boston
1967Garrett Cavanaugh born to Michael and Amanda.
1970Jeff Ross marries Edith "Galadriel" Parrish.
1973Jeff and Galadriel divorce.
1975Michael and Amanda divorce, Amanda moves back East. Garrett splits his time between two homes and two families.
1976Arthur passes the bar. Along with his father and Clifford Slade he forms Marinelli, Marinelli, & Slade.
1977Michael marries Karen Bowling after a whirlwind romance. Quinne Cavanaugh born to Michael and Karen late that same year.
1978Mary marries Jeff Ross.
1980Brad Ross born to Jeff and Mary.
1980Michael and Amanda decide that Garrett should live full time in Boston.
1981Garrett enters boarding school in Exeter. Amanda marries David Winters, a New England lawyer. (She's still with him and working as assistant curator of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.)
1981Sameul begins work as an assistant producer at his uncles company Peregrine Productions.
1984Samuel leaves Peregrine to become an independent producer.
1984Richard Marinelli retires to Florida, Arthur Marinelli becomes senior partner in their firm.
1985Mary dies in a boating accident.
1985Gabriel Manning releases The Inner Eye to Success, the first of many best-selling spiritual self-help books.
1987Sam marries Janine Tureaud
1988Sam and Janine divorce
1988Arter graduating from college, Garrett begins working for the East Coast contracting office of the Athena Capital Investment Group.
1990Garrett quits his job with ACIG to write full time.
1990Sam Cavanaugh begins producing The Power of You, Gabriel Manning's syndicated TV show; initially a late night time-filler, it rapidly achieves success
1990John Cavanaugh dies
1992Garrett's play Midnight Sushi does extremely well off Broadway.
1992Sam marries Lori Padilla
1994Sam produces the movie Midnight Sushi, based on Garrett's screenplay adaptation of his script. It flops.
1994Father Vincent Scarlotti appears on The Power of You, causing one of the most heated debates on Catholic theology/dogma ever televised.
1995Appearing in many interviews and talk shows, Gabriel achieves fame as the "astrologer for the stars".
1995Garrett writes a couple Star Trek novels, allowing him to pay the bills for a couple years.
1995Gabriel's sixth book, Soul Comforts, meets with only lackluster sales.
1996Karen walks out on Michael.
1996Sam and Lori divorce
1996Michael begins consulting Gabriel Manning.
1996The Power of You cancelled
1996Arthur successfully keeps Robert Downey, Jr. out of jail. Along with many similar high-profile Hollywood criminal cases in his career, this earns him the name "defender of the stars" in the press.
1996Father Scarlotti begins a massive anti-mysticism, anti-occult crusade in the local congregations and schools.
1997Jeff and Quinne marry
1998Garrett's latest book, Autumn Torches, is released. It receives critical acclaim but few sales.
1998Quinne joins the local division of the Rainforest Protection Organization
1998Brad graduates from St. Genevieve prep school, wins a full football scholarship to Notre Dame.
1998Father Scarlotti retires, purchases a cottage in Ensenada.
1998Gabriel Manning opens the Karmic Education Institute in San Diego.
1998Richard Marinelli dies Sep 12. Arthur and Father Scarlotti attend his funeral in Miami.

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