A Family Affair:
Samuel Cavanaugh

The son of John and Katherine Cavanaugh, Sam is the 38-year-old nephew of Michael Cavanaugh. After attending film school, he went to work in 1981 for his uncle at Peregrine Productions, but after three years he struck out on his own as an independent producer. Unfortunately, he was dogged by a series of failed projects and barely managed to stay afloat, despite substantial assistance from his uncle. Sam's breakthrough occurred in 1990 when he began producing Gabriel Manning's highly successful syndicated show The Power of You. Since then Sam has gone on to become a successful producer of small-budget films, tv shows, and commercials, though he has yet to produce anything to equal the success of The Power of You.

Currently single, Sam has been twice married and twice divorced, both times to actresses. His first wife, Janine Tureaud, left acting after their one-year marriage. His second wife, Lori Padilla, left him two years ago for a modelling career in Europe. Sam's father is deceased, his mother currently lives in Orlando.

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