A Family Affair:
Quinne A. Cavanaugh Ross

The daughter of Michael and Karen Cavanaugh, Quinne is 20 years old. Like her sister Mary before her, Quinne is the apple of Michael's eye and grew up with all the support of a doting and wealthy father. Last year she temporarily put her education on hold (she was in the environmental science program at USC) and married Jeff Ross, her older sister's widower.

Since she first entered college, Quinne has poured a significant portion of her time, energy, and money into charities, environmental and humanitarian causes, and non-profit organizations. She is an active member of the Green Party and a strict vegetarian. Tending to skip from cause to cause, she's been in involved in protests to boycott beef, save the whales, and stop global warming. Currently she is heavily involved with the Rainforest Preservation Organization.

Quinne is the person who planned Michael Cavanaugh's birthday party.

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opdated on 9/17/98