A Family Affair:
Characters Not Appearing in this Game
(but still important to the plot)

Richard Marinelli

A specialist in contract law, Richard Marinelli was one of Los Angeles's most prominent lawyers. He worked closely with his boyhood friend Michael Cavanaugh, serving as his lawyer and also as a partner in many of his business ventures.

Richard left his first practice in 1976 when his son Arthur passed the bar in order to form Marinelli, Marinelli, and Slade. Richard retired to Florida in 1990 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's soon afterward. He passed away two weeks ago.

Mary Cavanaugh Ross

Michael Cavanaugh's eldest daughter, Jeff Ross's first wife, and mother of Brad Ross. She died in 1985 in a boating accident on a yacht she and Jeff had recently purchased.

Amanda Marshall Winters

Michael Cavanaugh's second wife, Amanda is from a wealthy Boston family. She and Michael married in 1965 and their son Garrett was born two years later. The couple agreed to a relatively amicable divorce in 1973. Amanda moved back to New England. In 1981 she married David Winters, a successful trial lawyer. She is currently an assistant curator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Clifford Slade

The corporate specialist in Marinelli, Marinelli, & Slade, Cliff was a fellow student and close friend of Arthur's in law school. Richard was so impressed with his son's friend that he was made a full partner along with the two Marinellis when they incorporated their firm.

In addition to his legal practice, Cliff is a partner in his brother George's non-partisan political consultation firm. He and Jeff Ross have met professionally many times, both as allies and as opponents.

Karen Bowling Cavanaugh

Michael Cavanaugh's third wife, she was a 24-year-old grad student when she met Michael (then 49) at a New Year's Eve party in 1996, but the two were married only a couple months later. Karen was known for her determination and vivacious personality. Even after marriage and the birth of their daughter Quinne later that year, Karen continued her schooling and received her Ph.D. in 20th century South American cultural history; she continues to contribute actively in that field.

Two years ago Karen abruptly packed her belongings and moved to Argentina. No explanations were given. Quinne receives an occasional postcard from her mother, but otherwise Karen has cut off almost all ties with the Cavanaugh family.

Jason Scarlotti

Nephew of Father Vincent Scarlotti. Jason is the same age as Brad Ross and the two grew up as friends, usually attending the same school. In high school Jason ended up going to Loyola, where he became a star running back. The two maintained their friendship despite being fierce rivals on the football field.

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