A Family Affair:
Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross grew up in Pittsburgh, but attended college at Berkeley at the height of the 60's social movement and has remained in California since. After graduating Jeff married his college sweetheart, Edith "Galadriel" Parrish, but they broke up after spending three years following the Dead circuit. About the same time Jeff began to get involved with the early environmental movement. Beginning with Green Peace he soon moved into more mainstream activities working for various liberal candidates.

Jeff met Michael Cavanaugh and his daughter Mary at a Democratic fund-raiser in 1978. Though she was only 18, Jeff fell madly in love with Mary and the two were soon married. With Cavanaugh's connections, Jeff soon moved into the upper levels of the California Democratic Party as a top political consultant. Jeff and Mary's son Brad was born two years later.

After Mary's death Jeff raised his son as a single dad while having a series of unsuccessful relationships. In 1997, however, he married Mary's younger half-sister Quinne Cavanaugh. Jeff is currently 49 years old.

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