A Family Affair:
Gabriel Manning

Gabriel Manning began his career as the owner of a small New Age bookstore in Hollywood which teetered for years on the edge of bankruptcy. All of that changed in 1985 when first book, The Inner Eye to Success, became a best-seller, launching Gabriel into a lucrative career as a spiritual consultant.

Gabriel teaches a personal mixture of astrology, Tarot, and pop psychology. Known in the media as the "astrologer to the stars", he has many high-profile Hollywood clients. Some of his more successful self-help books include A Pageant of Personal Power, Third Eye Insights, The Universe Knows, and Soul Comforts. He even wrote a work of spiritual fiction titled Mowing the Fields of Elysium. He is best known, however, for his six-year run on the syndicated TV show The Power of You, produced by Samuel Cavanaugh. The show was cancelled in 1996 and Gabriel's media exposure has drastically waned, though he is still a regular in the upscale Hollywood party circuit.

Through Samuel, Gabriel has known Michael Cavanaugh and the rest of his family and friends for some years. He even invited Father Scarlotti to appear on his show in 1994, prompting one of the most heated debates on Catholic theology/dogma (the choice of words was a major source of contention) ever televised. Though originally only peripherally connected to the family, recently Gabriel has become the primary spiritual advisor to the elderly businessman. Gabriel's most recent project, the Karmic Education Institute in San Diego, received substantial contributions from Michael Cavanaugh.

45 years old, Gabriel owns a large home in the Silverlake district and maintains a suite of offices in Century City. An avid world traveler, he also maintains a townhouse in New York and a chalet in Geneva.

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opdated on 9/17/98