A Family Affair:
Garrett Cavanaugh

The son of Michael Cavanaugh and his second wife, Amanda, Garrett's parents divorced when he was eight years old. Garrett spent five years splitting his time between his father on the West Coast and his mother on the East, until his parents decided that for the sake of his schooling he should live full-time with his mother, only visiting California on vacations. Soon afterward, just before his mother re-married, Garrett entered boarding school in Exeter, New Hampshire.

After graduating from college, Garrett went to work for the east coast office of his father's investment firm, but quit in 1990 to pursue a career as a writer. Refusing financial assistance from his father, he struggled for many years. Despite a promising start with his off-Broadway play Midnight Sushi, Garrett was, much to his chagrin, forced to write cheap Star Trek novels in order to make ends meet. A film version of Midnight Sushi based on Garrett's screenplay adaptation and produced by his cousin Samuel proved to be a box office flop. Garrett's most recent work, the novel Autumn Torches released earlier this year, has met with critical acclaim but only lackluster sales.

It is generally known in the family that Michael Cavanaugh considers Garrett to be a disappointment due to his unwillingness to deal with the "real world". Over the years various members of the family circle, including Samuel, Quinne, and Arthur, have interceded to prevent father and son from becoming completely estranged. Garrett is currently 31 years old.

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opdated on 9/17/98