A Family Affair:
Father Vincent Scarlotti

A boyhood friend of Michael Cavanaugh, Vincent Scarlotti has been the family priest for the Cavanaughs and the Marinellis throughout most of their lives. He is also very close to his own family and has a nephew, Jason Scarlotti. Vincent attended Notre Dame and is a noted member of the alumni organization.

Though never achieving high clerical rank, Father Scarlotti is nevertheless a power in the Los Angeles diocese, serving as chief financial officer for the last three decades. He has been in charge of numerous fund-raising campaigns, including the recent highly successful program to build a new cathedral. He has supervised the construction of nearly a dozen churches. Despite these weighty duties, Father Scarlotti always led his own congregation in Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Hollywood and has been active in counseling programs in the church's schools. He achieved a certain level of fame when he appeared on Gabriel Manning's television show The Power of You, an experience which may have led to his subsequent anti-occultism crusade in the local congregations and schools.

Father Scarlotti retired from active duty last year. He is 71 years old and lives in a condo in the Hollywood Hills, though he also spends time at his recently purchased cottage in Ensenada.

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opdated on 9/17/98