A Family Affair:
Character List

Click on the individual names for the detailed public information about the character. Also see the Consolidated Timeline of Family Affair History.

Michael Cavanaugh: Patriarch of the Cavanaugh family. A wealthy LA businessman. (Michael Reed)

Quinne Cavanaugh Ross: Michael Cavanaugh's daughter. 20 years old, Quinne left school (at least temporarily) to marry Jeff Ross, her older sister's widower. She is active in a number of humanitarian causes. (Maggie Dawson)

Samuel Cavanaugh: Michael Cavanaugh's nephew. A Hollywood producer and financier. (Lee Bennett)

Jeff Ross: Michael Cavanaugh's son-in-law. A political consultant for the Democrats. (Brian McInnis)

Brad Ross: Michael Cavanaugh's beloved grandson. A football star at an exclusive local prep school. (Ray LaVoie)

Garrett Cavanaugh: Michael Cavanaugh's son by his second marriage. A writer under the pen name of Garrett Stevens, generally considered an embarassment to the family. (Chris Exner)

Father Vincent Scarlotti: An old friend of Michael Cavanaugh's (one year his senior) and spiritual confidant to many a Cavanaugh family member. (Pat Mannion)

Arthur Marinelli: Partner in Marinelli, Marinelli, & Slade, has provided legal advice and representation for Michael Cavanaugh for the past twenty years. (Ian)

Gabriel Manning: Famous spiritualist, in recent years he has become a close friend and advisor of Michael Cavanaugh. (Robert Hurt)

Non-Player Characters: The faceless servants/refs.

Background Characters: Characters who aren't actually in the game but are important to the plot.

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updated on 9/17/98