Photo Archive: Weddings

Wedding couples include Sean and Beth, Rob and Carol, Pat and Eleanor, Suzi and David, Morgan and Erika, Phil and Judy, Michael and Jennifer, Aaron and Kirsten.

Sean and Beth's Wedding
  • Sean and Beth
  • Beth throws the bouquet
  • Sean removes the garter
  • Sean and Beth with Pat and Eleanor
  • Sean with his groomsmen

  • Rob and Carol's Wedding
  • Carol and Rob
  • the full wedding party

  • Pat and Eleanor's Wedding
  • Eleanor and Pat

  • Suzi and David's Wedding
  • Suzi and David
  • Guests: John and Mary
  • Guests: Phil and Judy
  • Guests: Sean and Beth
  • A collection of guests
  • Suzi and her bridesmaid Judy
  • Jim and Judy

  • Morgan and Erika's Wedding
  • The wedding party
  • Morgan and his best man Shawn
  • Guests: Roselle, Beth, Shawn, and Rachel

  • Phil and Judy's Wedding
    (still waiting for pictures of the bride and groom!)
  • Dueling cameras
  • Lisa and Greg
  • Roomies reunited

  • Michael and Jennifer's Wedding
  • The bride and groom on the beach
  • Enigman guests
  • The groom with some guests
  • More Enigman guests

  • Aaron and Kirsten's Wedding
    See The Conjuring of Conjugality, a web site about this most unusual wedding, complete with pictures, faq, and a transcript of the ceremony.

    Randy and Liz's Wedding
  • The "bachelor" party at Denny's
  • The wedding couple dances
  • The dance from above
  • Romance on the dance floor
  • Cutting the cake

  • Brian and Kristen's Wedding
  • The bride enters
  • The ceremony
  • Brian displays his claymore
  • The groom and some Enigman guests