A Live Interactive Game

by Christian Brown

held on May 31, 1997


There exists a faerie palace, centuries old, which appears at intervals at different locations around the world. Within this magical, ever-changing structure they continue in the complexities of their Court and pursue the things which The Folk love best: feasting, merry-making and wonder-working.

As part of a bargain almost as old as the palace itself, a number of wizards have retained the right to meet there every thirteen years. They use the grounds and rooms of the faerie citadel as a neutral meeting place where they can discuss matters of import to the world, exchange knowledge, and advance individual goals.

For centuries this bargain has benefited the wizards, allowing them to act as one against otherworldly threats and take advantage of the unique properties of the Faerie Palace. Few know what the Sidhe receive from the deal, however, aside from the occasional company of a dozen or so sorcerers. Now there is turmoil within the Sidhe Court, however, and talk of "altering" the bargain

Wizards wield great power, and are usually posessed of an analytical, curious and academic mind. Each is nominally pledged to uphold the decisions of the assembly, but many view their individual goals to be of greater import.

Sidhe, or faeries, are wild, ancient spirits that hold to no law apart from their own. Each holds a special place in the Faerie Court and is pledged to their mysterious Ruler. They are capricious hosts with unclear motives, suddenly seeming anxious or pleased without cause. Their powers rival the might of the wizards, and in the enchanted heart of their citadel, they fear little.

Other entities will also be in attendance, ranging in power and intention from bridge-trolls to divine avatars.

The Game will be Saturday May 31st , at a private home in the Hollywood/Los Feliz area. There will be a $5 site/materials fee.

If you wish to play, or to learn more, please contact Christian Brown at or (213) 667-0508.