Episode 2: Chem Lab

An Enigma Live Interactive Game

by Scott Martin

April 30, 1996 during the Enigma meeting

The Genre

Take a normal, everday high school, right out of American TV: teen angst, school pranks, the prom, nerds versus jocks, romantic rivalries, cutting classes, all the usual cliches. Then add ninjas, aliens, giant robots, ancient prophecies, mad scientists, witches, caped superheroes, time travel, talking animals, magic slippers, lost civilizations, radioactive spiders, and insane super-intelligent computers. If you can imagine Parker Lewis Can't Lose crossed with every comic book written then you've got the idea.

Ninja High School (the game) is based loosely on Ninja High School (the comic book) and similar works such as Urusei Yatsura (a Japanese TV show) and Teenagers from Outer Space (a role-playing game). With a few exceptions, none of the actual characters from the N.H.S. comic book will be used, just the general setting (your average American high school), tone (free-for-all farce), and gimmicks (just about anything bizarre).

The Setting

Welcome to Clinton High School, located in suburban Bobbville, USA (founded in 1876 by the Bobb family, still its most prominent citizens).

You are a student at Clinton High, enrolled in Chemistry 1, taught by Professor Steamhead ("Steam will save the world!"). Steamhead has encouraged all of his students to enter the upcoming State-wide Chemistry Fair and today is the final day of project preparation. Unfortunately, Professor Steamhead was called away suddenly to testify before Congress on his new scheme to introduce steam cars. Never the bureaucratic type, he didn't bother telling the school administration of his absence and merely instructed his students to work on their own. Not being totally naive, he placed a steam-powered time-lock on the classroom door; once class begins, no one can leave until the end of the period. Some other teachers are annoyed by the steam whistle going off in the chemistry lab at the end of every period, but know better than to mess with one of Steamhead's inventions.

So, pull out those flasks and bunsen burners, and start cooking!

The Characters

Below is a list of possible characters who may appear in the game. Characters will be assigned at the door just before the game, but you may reserve one in advance from the list below if you like. And if you have any ideas of your own, just tell me. Almost anything goes in N.H.S., and I'm willing to design characters to fit everyone.