Brief Introduction

	Groovy '60's Cthulhu was the first Live Game that I ran.  Considered 
by today's exacting standards (and even by the standards at the time!) it was 
pretty basic.  Brian McInnis' character got a whopping one sentence of 
Character Background and Information (not that he deserved more).  
Nonetheless, the ease with which people slipped into the Sixties gave the game 
great atmosphere.
	To set the stage, the game occured at the First Annual Eye in the 
Triangle Mid-Winter Social at the Kappa Theta Lambda fraternity house at UCLA. 
 Here's the article in the school newspaper that ran the following Monday...

Daily Bruin
Monday, Jan. 27, 1969


	At least fifteen people are dead, and many more are emotionally 
scarred after a fraternity party went strangely awry last Saturday.  Kappa 
Theta Lambda's 1st annual Eye in the Triangle Mid-Winter Social was dispersed 
by university police shortly after the seriousness of the situation became 
apparent.  "At first, we thought it was a prank," said Sergeant Don Utts of 
the UCPD, "some guy was screaming about people being murdered, so naturally we 
waited for some confirmation from a reliable source before investigating."  
For all the police's valiant efforts, more than a dozen people died.
	From the hazy recollections of the survivors, little is understood 
about the nature of the calamity.  Apparently, a bomb exploded around ten 
thirty, but according to some reports, people had already died by 9 o'clock.  
Indeed, the coroner's initial report states that the explosion can only 
account for two of the deaths that evening.  Most of the other bodies show 
signs of knife wounds and gunshots.  One person was apparently bitten by an 
animal.  Authorities are deciding whether the fraternity house dog should be 
destroyed as a killer.  Two other bodies were described as being "shrivelled 
up into a blackened necrotic mass."  Possibly related to all this carnage were 
the reports of a snake-headed monster terrorizing the workers at 
photo-developing shops in Westwood.  The monster apparently made off with 
several bags worth of undeveloped film rolls.  The story of what really 
happened that night may never be known...

	This doesn't purport to tell everything that happenned, but this has 
most of what I personally saw as GM, and heard about later from the players.
	Everything seemed to be under control for the first hour and a half.  
Drugs were being freely passed about, food and drink were plentiful and the 
conversation was interesting.  This did not last long.  Jimmy Spinelli, in 
addition to being a pledge and connected with the Mafia, was also an FBI 
undercover agent investigating the drug trafficking ring headed by Frank 
Lyman.  Shortly after he called his superiors to name Harald Lustart and 
Hunter S. Thompson as other drug dealers, he found himself talking to Stephen 
Engels and Miles Tucker, who proceeded to kill him in order to get his FBI 
issue pistol, about which more later.
	Meanwhile, Satyivati Daietraahsra had been making a nuisance of 
herself taking photographs of everyone.  She noticed something odd about Kent 
Morrow's shadow and proceeded to make him her sole photographic subject.  
Kent, on the other hand, seemed to have some aversion to bright lights.  He 
went about the frat house turning lights off "in order to get people in the 
mood".  Satyivati finally managed to get a good clear shot of Kent, revealing 
his shadow to be that of a snake-headed humanoid creature.  At first she 
seemed interested in discussing the matter with him, but since Kent insisted 
on talking in a quiet out of the way place, Satyivati grew suspicious and 
tried to bury herself in the Star Trek crowd.  William Shatner managed to 
locate an interesting spell that allowed him to translate a page of any 
language.  He even managed to use it on a certain book of Bahashi Yugi's which 
told him some information about the Lost Chord.  That information never got to 
Graham Sterling, the only person at this point who could have used it.  
Anyway, the Lost Chord was certainly of no use when Kent returned from his 
unsuccessful raid on all the Westwood film processing labs, turned off the 
lights, revealed his true form and bit Satyivati, causing her untimely demise.
	All of this was happening while the pledge initiations were being 
carried out upstairs by Fred, a scene of hilarity for everyone who witnessed 
it, until the end.  Also during this, Miles Tucker tried to butt into the 
cultists' meeting downstairs.  Unfortuantely, Spinelli's FBI issue pistol had 
been tweaked by Spinelli so that only he could fire it.  Hence, Frank Lyman 
was not impressed when Miles' attempts to puncture him came to nought.  Frank 
simply slit Miles' throat cleanly.  Finally, during Shaggy's initiation, 
Professor Megan Le Franz decided to use the summoning spell she had learned, 
causing a horrible demon to run into the initiation room and Shrivel Kent 
Morrow into a charred mass.  The sight of the demon sent about twenty people 
insane, and an amazing bedlam ensued, which I will not even try to describe.  
Shaggy, unnaturally, had his blindfold on and was the only person who did NOT 
see the apparition.  Things began happening swiftly from this point.
	Skye Aquarius killed Professor Vindeer, while her companion Jason 
Devereux was shot by the Professor.  The Professor's gun was retrieved by 
fellow cultmembers, but Skye searched the body, taking away the Philosopher's 
Stone, a necessary ingredient for the ceremony.  Their leader's death caused 
great consternation among the cult members, although Vanessa Carey could still 
perform the ceremony if only she had the Stone!  Another setback for the cult 
appeared in the form of Stephen Engels, who, although slain by Frank Lyman, 
had a bomb strapped to his chest, killing Frank, but only deafening the other 
cult members.  At the sound of the blast, about half of the non-cultists 
decided to flee upstairs, while the other half came to investigate.  In a last 
ditch effort to save the cult, Harald Lustart convinces Graham Sterling to 
consume three of his 'special' drugs all at once.  Ordinarily, this would have 
killed Graham, but Graham had earlier been talking with Chris Night, who 
showed him how to extend his youthful life.  The spell protected Graham 
somewhat from the drug, but Harald turned into an avatar of Nyarlathotep and 
killed him, going on to kill Timothy Regis and a new Kappa nicknamed "Weasel", 
sending everyone insane again in the process.  So... when people burst into 
the cult's headquarters, they found bits of Stephen Engels and Frank Lyman 
splattered about the room and everyone else babbling insanely.
	Harald Lustart, spent after being possessed by Nyarlathotep, lay 
unconscious until approached by Skye Aquarius, who slit his throat.  
Strangely, he was not affected by the knife and sat up.  Sadly for him, Skye 
had a Shrivelling spell, which killed him.  Meanwhile, the cult, having 
recovered itself, aimlessly tried to find something to do.  Eventually, they 
decided to cast the Youth spell, which they found on Graham's body.  They 
needed a metal object to cast the spell, and their Youth lasts as long as the 
object is old.  They had two choices: an amulet of the Serpent People owned by 
Jeff Farklehardsn which is approximately 35,000 years old, or a beer can.  
They used the beer can.
	Farklehardsn tried to kill Skye, but was killed by her instead.  Skye 
then killed Chris Knight, but was killed in turn by Archie Li, who found the 
Philosopher's Stone on her body.  The ceremony could now be performed!  Except 
that they need six people to do it AND Vanessa Carey, the only one who knew 
how to perform it, had left, fearing for her life.  Thus ended the party, with 
Valentine Corwin, both of Gemini and Leo having a foursome in a room with 
Frank Lyman and Stephen Engels splattered about it and Graham Sterling's 
mutilated body lying in the middle of it.

What ever happened to...

Chang Wu left the party for a whorehouse and has never been the same.
Prof. Megan Le Franz suddenly remembered an early morning Sunday affair and 
discreetly left.
Tralthar made a lot of money reading Tarot cards and will live an extra 4 
Fred, Shaggy and Scubi-Dubi-Du go on to Saturday morning immortality after 
picking up Gemini, who have first names after all ...
Hunter Thompson is arrested by the FBI for drug trafficking, a charge he 
vehemently denies for his entire ten year incarceration.
Leo, Moonchild and Valentine Corwin get married and all live happily ever 
Sam "Slick" Preston, disoriented by the evening's events, is eventually 
responsible for disco in the 70's.
Bahashi Yugi moves on to an Oregon ashram, where he dies in a bizarre farming 
accident that is never satisfactorily explained.
William Shatner and DeForrest Kelly live in relative obscurity for a time, 
quietly feeding on the growing Star Trek fan movement.
Leonard Nimoy cuts a couple of records for "Slick" and eventually goes on to 
host "In Search Of ..."
Vanessa Carey runs away from the party and meets up with Archie Li some months 
later.  They band together once again, biding their time in unholy Arkham, 
Massachusetts.  In three years, the stars are again right and the summoning of 
Azathoth is performed.  Vanessa becomes the matriarch of a small cabal of 
demented evil, with Archie as her left hand man.  For two decades, their 
influence steadily grows until they can unleash the greatest evil spawned upon 
this Earth--New Kids on the Block.

[Ouch!  That last bit dates this material.  So be it.]

Dramatis Personae

Fraternity Member and Serpent Man
Kent "Stinky" Morrow RIP  --  Scott Martin

Fraternity Members
President Chris "Janus" Night  RIP  --  Suzi Casement
Vice-President Valentine "Zen Master" Corwin  --  Mike Reed
Rush Chair Frank "Goodyear" Lyman  RIP  --  Ray Lavoie
Chairman of Hazing and Initiation of PLedges  Fred -- Pat Mannion
Director if Entertainment Graham "M.T." Sterling  RIP  --  Matt Steele

Sisters of the Inverted Triangle
Head of the Order Vanessa "Virgo" Carey  --  Kirsten Hageleit
Skye "Aquarius" Aquarius  RIP  --  Rebecca Strong
"Gemini" 1  --  Kamille W.
"Gemini" 2 -- Lisa Winslow
"Moonchild"   --  Lily Chang
"Leo"  --  Judy Goldstein

Leonard "Shaggy" Shagsworth  --  Randy Braun
Chang Wu  --  Vu Pham
Timothy Regis  RIP  --  Ned Raggett
Jeff Farklehardsn  RIP  --  David J. Altman
Jimmy Spinelli  RIP  --  Ferret Baudoin
A new pledge  RIP  --  Mark Fauver

Frat dog
Chow-hound aka Scubi-Dubi-Du  --  Dave Yarden

A couple guys from the Miskatonic Kappa house
Harald Patrick Lustart  RIP  --  Aaron Vanek
Archie Li  --  Archie Li

A professor who was the head of the cult
Oliver Vindeer RIP  --  Phil Adler

A professor who wanted to destroy the cult
Megan Le Franz  --  Shannon Williamson

An Indian mystic and photographer
Satyivati Daietraahsra  RIP  --  Amy Creamer

An out-of-work artist posing as a mystic
Tralthar  --  Brian McInnis

A voodoo chile in the Anthro Dept.
Jason Devereux RIP  --  Jason Brezinski

A couple guys who served together in 'Nam in the Rangers
Miles Tucker  RIP --  Dan Bongard
Stephen Karl Engels  RIP  --  Steve Verdon

A gonzo journalist
Hunter S. Thompson  --  Ben Hitz

A talent scout for Polygram
Sam "Slick" Preston  --  Robert Hurt

A guy with a book no one could read
Bahashi Yugi  --  Chris Winslow

Three out-of-work actors trying to start a cult following
Bill Shatner  --  Brian Tatosky
Leonard Nimoy  --  Joe Mafi
DeForrest Kelly  --  Michael Johnson