The Gods II

Power List - Lesser Spheres

by Scott Martin

Last updated 11/12/98


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Because the lesser spheres will vary in every version of the Gods Game, the spheres listed here are only samples of what can occur.

A note from the designer: There are a lot of sample spheres here. Most are just names, but I've actually written up about a quarter of them, complete with mana sources and powers.

Please note also that many of these spheres are not "finalized". They were written up at various stages in the creation of The Gods and need to be heavily edited for play balance, especially the numbers (mana sources and power costs).

Lesser Spheres Derived from One Greater Sphere

Fire & Earth: Deserts, Earthquakes
Sea: Rivers, Rain
Sky & Ice: Arctic Wastes, Wind
Nature: Forests, Beasts
Cities & Wealth: Government, Trade
Crafts & Knowledge: Magic, Tools, Science (a set of linked spheres)
Love & Beauty: Music, Romance
War: Honor, Conquest
Chaos: Lunacy, Deception
Death: Age, Funerals
Fate & Justice: Doom, Time
Light: Stars, Monotheism

Lesser Spheres Derived from Two Greater Spheres

(Parent Sphere) Fire & Earth Nature Sea Sky & Ice Cities & Wealth Crafts & Knowledge Love & Beauty War Chaos Death Fate & Justice Light
Fire & Earth -- Desert Life Cataclysm The Seasons Gems & Minerals Metals & Smiths Volcanoes Explosions Wildfires Phoenix Prisons & Walls The Sun
Nature Cave Life -- Swamps Arctic Life Forestry Agriculture & Husbandry Youth The Hunt Wilderness Plague Balance of Nature Paradise
Sea Mud Fish & Sea Life -- Hurricanes Sailors & Traders Ships & Explorers Mermaids Navies Becoming Lost Floods and Drowning Currents Waters of Life
Sky & Ice Mountain Peaks Birds Glaciers -- Survival Aviation Rainbows Archery Cyclones Winter Stasis Angels
Cities & Wealth The Hearth Dogs Fishing Ice Palace -- Craftsmen Peace & Diplomacy Mercenaries Thieves Tombs Law Empire
Crafts & Knowledge Inspiration Instinct Pottery Sound & Voice Libraries -- Art Weapons Demonology Necromancy Truth Healing
Love & Beauty Greed Flowers Dance Changeless Beauty Luxury Empathy & Insight -- Amazons Cruelty Rebirth Leadership Worship
War Fortifications Beasts of War Erosion & Attrition Stalemate Generals Intelligence & Spies Hatred & Enemies -- Revolution Valkyrie Punishment & Retribution Jihads & Crusades
Chaos Mirages Mutation & Evolution Whirlpools The Void Decadence & Decline Ignorance & Forgetfulness Jealousy Genocide -- Oblivion Luck Divine Madness
Death The Underworld Immortality Sharks Disappearance Ancestors & Family Traps Eternal Love Killing Mutilation -- Judgement Sacrifice
Fate & Justice Branding Prophetic Animals Solitude & Exile Winds of Time Economics Loom of Fate Loyalty Duels Corruption Heavenly Reward -- Divine Wrath
Light Immovable Faith Growth & Energy Fountain of Power Reflections Gifts & Giving Temples Blinding Beauty Militant Church Color & Illusion Darkness Exorcism --