The Gods II

Power List - Demons

by Scott Martin

Last updated 11/25/97


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Wild denizens of the Void, demons wish to return the universe to its original state of chaos by destroying Earth, Heaven, and all of the gods. All demons have three types of power. First, they share a common set of powers. Second, they each have two powers from a selection of random powers. These random powers are printed on a deck of cards located in the Void. Every time a demon enters the Void, he must return to the deck any random powers which he currently has, shuffle the deck, and draw two new powers at random. Finally, each demon may select one unique demonic gift power. (No two demons can have the same gift power unless all have already been taken.) Demons may use these powers to "sell" gifts to gods and celestial spirits, in exchange for whatever they request. Note that unless disguised, demons are easily recognized as such by the inhabitants of Heaven. All demons should wear a costume or specific signifying accoutrement that identifies their demonic nature.

Shared Century-End Mana Source: Demon-worshippers 0.25 (Note that this is a shared mana source; all mana from this source goes into the demonic mana pool, where the demons can divide it up as they please.)

Common Demonic Powers

Description: These powers and mana sources are available to all demons. These powers may never be placed into an artifact, they are available only to demons.

Personal Powers Creation Powers History Power
Denizen of the Void [N]: Use only in the void. Target is not lost in the Void during this visit and may leave at any time. You must use this power on any character who gives you 5 mana. [1 / 0 if cast on self]
Deceit [Ns]: Ignore any power that forces you to tell the truth. [always on]
Disguise [Nts]: You appear to be a non-descript celestial spirit going about your business. Wear a sign indicating this status. Gods and celestial spirits may not attack you or use any powers on you. This power lasts for fifteen minutes or until you enter combat. If you do enter combat, you may not use this power again until you return to the Void. [1]
Corrupted Mana [X]: If a god receives mana from you (even if it is forced from you), that mana is worthless to him (discard it immediately) and causes him to immediately lose an equal amount of his own mana. [always on]
Demonic Claws (C): You gain one extra trick and one extra block. [1]
Create Void Gate (Fp): Add Void Gate feature to any square. That square provides the occupying race with +2 Wealth and +2 Military. At the beginning of each century, the occupying race will receive +5% demonic cult. [3] Demonic Cult (M): Diabolism gains +5% cult in target race. [5]

Random Demon Powers

Powers marked with an asterisk are more common; there are four of each of these in the deck of random cards.

Demonic Gift Powers