The Gods II

Power List - Advantages and Disadvantages

by Scott Martin

Last updated 11/25/97


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Optional Rule

Payers may select from the advantages and disadvantages listed here. For every point of advantages, the character must have a point of disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages may normally only be chosen at the time the character is created. However, they may also be chosen when a character is promoted (from celestial spirit to lesser god, or from lesser god to greater god). Any such changes to the character must be consistent with events in the game. Most typically, advantages can be chosen which reflect the former celestial persona of a new lesser god and should be balanced by subtracting cards from the new sphere cards gained. Again, all such changes must be approved by the gamemaster.

WARNING: Unlike the sphere, persona, and other powers in The Gods, the advantages and disadvantages listed here have not been carefully fine-tuned to work together. Because of this, the advantage/disadvantage system is quite flexible; gamemasters can easily add new abilities to this list in order to allow almost any type of character in the game. Unfortunately, this flexibility has a down side. Many combinations of these abilities would be disastrously unbalancing in a game. Using this system it is easy to choose a set of abilities which provide far more real advantage than disadvantage, despite the point costs. Thus, any proposed combination of advantages and disadvantages must be carefully scrutinized by the gamemasters to ensure play balance. Only combinations which meet the gamemasters' approval may be used. Some rules of thumb:

  • 1) Combinations of (dis)advantages which cancel each other out, overlap, or oppose one another should not be allowed.
  • 2) A disadvantage that doesn't actually penalize the character is not a disadvantage.
  • 3) A character persona that can be simulated simply by selecting certain goals should be done that way; there is no need to invoke game mechanics to simulate most personality traits.

In summary, these abilities should not be used as a system to min/max a character, but as tools to customize a character to fit a character concept which can't be simulated with the normal game powers. And one final warning: because it is generally easier for a player to capitalize on his advantages than for his opponents to exploit his weaknesses, disadvantages are designed to provide penalties which are greater than the bonuses from advantages of equal point value.