The Gods II

Quick Summary Rules for Living in Heaven

by Scott Martin

Last updated 10/5/97


Places in Heaven


Personal Powers

(C) Combat power see Combat summary sheet
(P) Persuasion power convince another character to do something; instantaneous, but you must then spend 3 minutes "convincing" the target, who must act as if he's truly convinced
(P2) Dual persuasion power affect two people
(Pm) Multiple persuasion power affect everyone in the locale
(N) Direct Effect power affect another character; instantaneous
(Nt) Non-instantaneous effect tell target of your intent; if he runs away or attacks then the power doesn't go off
(Nv) Voluntary effect target must agree to use of power
(Ns) Self effect only usable on yourself
(D) Demesne power modifies a demesne; requires 5 minutes; permanent unless noted otherwise
(De) Era-end power effects cease at end of era
(Ds) Session-end power effects cease at end of session
(L) Locale power affect the locale you are in or all the people in it; announce your intention in advance, anyone who leaves is unaffected
(Li) Instant Locale power no need to warn people, just do it
(La) Access power alter ability to enter or leave the locale
(A) Artifact power may only be imbedded into an artifact
(Ac) Combat Artifact power artifact power which may only be activated in combat
(G) Gift power give a gift to another character, who can use it once
(X) Miscellaneous power see power description for details

Great Council

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