The Gods

Powers of the Council Positions and Other Miscellaneous Beings

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Updated 11/6/96

Many thanks to Andy Ashcraft, who designed many of these powers!

Description of Categories

Note that in addition to the powers listed here, each divine servitor also has other personal powers unknown to the gods.

The Guardian Beast

Combat Statistics Personal Powers Duties Mana
5 HP, 1 trick, 1 block none Referee none

Shield of the Council

Combat Statistics Personal Powers Duties Mana
none Pass Barriers: Only usable while you are carrying word of a summons to a Great Council meeting. You may not be attacked and may enter the Abyss, the Primal Wilds, and any demesne. Not usable on others. [0]

Enter the Void: Only usable while you are carrying word of a summons to a Great Council meeting. You may enter the Void. [10]

Supress Trouble-Maker: Only usable during Great Council meetings. Target character who is not a member of the Great Council is frozen in place for the remainder of the Council meeting and may not speak or move. [5]

Eject Disruptor: Only usable during Great Council meetings. Target character who attempted to initiate combat in the Hall of Doom is banished from the Hall and may not return until the meeting is over. [10]

Carry the Summons: When a Great Council meeting is called, you must carry word of the Summons to all greater gods.

Count Votes: You are the official vote counter of the Council. A law is only passed when you verify that a majority of the Council members have voted in favor of it.

Marshall Duels: Generally oversee the fair conduct of duels. Make sure combatants show up on time and place reasonable time limits on duel preparation. Keep track of forfeited duels so as to enforce lost Council votes.

At the end of a Great Council meeting, the leader of that Council meeting must give you 5 mana.

Judge of Heaven

Combat Statistics Personal Powers Duties Mana
none Revoke Law: You may remove any one Council law from the list. [100]

Outlaw: Target character is considered a breaker of Council Law until killed. [35]

Pardon: Target character is pardoned of all past crimes of breaking Council Laws. [35]

Record Council Laws: You must record all Council laws as they are passed. The current laws should be displayed prominently in the Hall of Doom.

Judge the Law: When an accused character challenges the ruling of a god of Fate and Justice, you must hear the testimony of each and judge in favor of one or the other. The loser must immediately give you 50 mana.

50 mana for every judgement

Bureaucrat of the Abyss

Combat Statistics Personal Powers Duties Mana
none Enter the Abyss: Target may enter the Abyss. Costs no mana if cast on self. [10]

Grant Waivers: Write up a waiver which allows the god named on the waiver to kill a specific number of mortals. The god may present the waiver when using a history power. As long as the history power kills no more than the number on the waiver (only immediate effects are counted), she gets a 50% rebate on the cost of the power. [1]

Grant Death Exemptions: Write up an exemption which allows the god named on the exemption to not kill a specific number of mortals when using an "area of effect" history power. At the time a history power is used, the god can use the exemption to "cancel" the deaths of selected mortals up to the number on the exemption. [1]

Call Strike: Declare a 30 minute moratarium on all mortal deaths. All history powers that cause mortals to die cost double the mana. Costs no mana if this time period coincides with the time you spend in the Abyss processing a large die-off (see right). [35]

Handle Death's Accounts: At the Window on the World, you must collect the mana which will go to any deities of Death who receive mana from the death of mortals, and take this mana to the Abyss. The recipient deities may only receive this mana from your hands while you are in the Abyss. This mana may not be used, stolen, or in any way taken from you, though you must hand it over to the proper recipient if you and they are both in the Abyss. While you cannot cheat the Death gods of their mana, you can delay picking it up from the Window on the World for as long as you want.

Process Large Die-Offs: If more than 50 mortals ever die in a single century, you must spend the next 30 minutes in the Abyss processing the paperwork.

You must spend 1 mana for every 5 mortal population units that die. The "bill" will be presented to you every century, fractions rounded down. If you are unable to pay, you immediately lose this position (and the position is considered unfilled).

Messenger of the Gods

Combat Statistics Personal Powers Duties Mana
none Proxy: You may stand in for a greater god at a meeting of the Great Council. You must receive written permission from the god. [5]

Banker: You may hold mana for another god in trust. You may not use this mana yourself and it may not be taken from you in any way. You can only do this for one god at a time. It's also up to you when (or if) you return the mana, though you may only return the mana to its owner. The god must pay you 5 mana.

Winged Boots: Only usable while you are carrying a message for a god. With each use of this power you may do one of the following: enter the Void; enter the Primal Wilds; enter the Abyss; enter a demesne; or disengage from combat. May not be used on others. [5]

Neither Rain nor Sleet: You must carry messages between gods as quickly as possible as long as you are payed at least one mana. Payments for carrying messages and banking.

Hippocantus, Representative of the Void

Special Note: The duties associated with this title are not a council position, but a Void position. They can only be taken away or transferred by the consensus of all demons in the Void. Exactly which powers go with the position and which with the individual are unknown to anyone except Hippocantus.

Combat Statistics Personal Powers Duties Mana
5 HP, 1 trick, 1 block Half Demon: Transform into a demon. During the duration of this power you gain all standard demon powers but are susceptible to all sphere powers which affect demons. [10]

Demon of Honesty: You must lie in all statements you make, unless the person you are conversing with gives you 5 mana. Then you must speak only the truth to him for the next 5 minutes. This is always on.

Representative of the Void: It is your job to represent the demons of the Void in their dealings with Heaven. Mana payments for telling the truth.