Adam Creator
The Gods

An Enigma Live Game

by Scott Martin

Names after a slash indicate name changes or player changes partway through the game. Spheres listed after a + indicate cards bought during the game.

* Greater Gods (at beginning of game)

Character Name Spheres Fate Player Name
Aurora, God of Sky and Ice 4-Sky, 2-Cities + 1-Sky, 2-Cities, 2-Divine Wrath, 2-Death, 1-Doom Greater God Sean Young
Calais, God of Storms 1-Sky, 1-Sea + 2-Sky, 1-Seas, 1-Cyclone Greater God David Gallivan
Destiny, Lord of Fate and of Justice 6-Fate Obliterated by demons in Era Centrum Ian Fagan
Dion 6-Love Greater God Brian McInnis
Dominion, Lord of Light, First of the Endless 6-Light Obliterated by Vadu in Era Centrum Ferret Baudoin
Dzib, Keeper of Words 6-Crafts Greater God Mike Tice
Igneous, Lord of Lava / Sediment, Lord of Layers / Metamorph 6-Fire chosen Supreme Deity Kevin Flanagan
Merram, God of the Seas, Lord of the Deep, Keeper of the Boundaries 4-Sea, 2-Cities + 1-Sea, 2-Cities, 4-Sky, 2-Death, 1-Blood, 1-Cruelty, 1-War Elves Greater God Eric Spuur
Null, God of Death 6-Death Obliterated by demons in Era Centrum, but returned as a Lesser God through the sacrifice of his son Ionic Sean Elliott
Lord Ravathorn 6-Nature Turned into a tree (volunatarily) Chris Barnes
Talarian, Goddess of Chaos, Conquerer of the Void, Demon Queen 6-ChaosGreater God (though divorced by husband Igneous) Bethany Young
Vadu, Lord of Battles 6-War Obliterated by demons in Era Omega Alex Epstein

* Lesser Gods (at beginning of game)

Character Name Spheres Lord(s) Fate Player Name
Aedificus 1-Crafts, 1-Cities, 1-Love, 4-Architecture +2-Cities, 5-Death, 4-Valkyrie, 2-Sky Dzib, Dion, Talarian elected Greater God in Era Omega Lesley Mathieson
Aeron, the Valkyrie 1-War, 3-Valkyrie, 1-Doom + 1-Valkyrie, 1-Sea Vadu Lesser God Angel Gulermovich Epstein
Amulet 1-Crafts, 4-Magic Dzib Lesser God Liz Mortenson
Anexus 1-Nature, 4-Birds Ravathorn flew away into the Void during Era Centrum Vanessa Zualoaga
Azrael 1-Light, 1-Death, 1-Cities, 1-Sky, 4-Death Angel Dominion, Null free Lesser God Victor Wood
Dementia, Lord of Schemes 1-Chaos, 4-Lunacy Talarian Lesser God Rhonda St. Laurent
Dion the Younger 1-Love, 4-Cruelty DionLesser God Jeanna Crawford
Dogai the Trickster 1-War, 4-Fear and Darkness Vadudisappeared into the Void during Era Centrum Malcolm Jarrett
Donner 1-Sky, 1-Sea, 4-Cyclones + 1-Sky, 1-Hurricane Calais Lesser God Hugh Ellesh / Gail Lopez
Doom, the Hand of Fate 1-Fate, 3-Doom, 1-Valkyrie + 1-Doom, 3-Light Destiny elected Greater God in Era Centrum Lee Bennett
Galius the Culler 1-Death, 1-Nature, 4-Plague Null, Ravathornfree Lesser God Phil Adler
Hammer 1-Crafts, 4-Tools Dzib Lesser God Ed Green
Hurricane / Rage, God of Destruction 1-Sea, 1-Sky, 4-Hurricanes + 5-Death, 1-Sea, 1-Cyclone Calais elected Greater God in Era Omega Mike St. Laurent
Kilo 1-Crafts, 1-Cities, 1-Nature, 4-Art Dzib, Talarian, Ravathorn left Heaven to pursue his art during Era Centrum Brian Donnelly
Measure 1-Crafts, 4-Science Dzib Obliterated by demons in Era Omega Mike Donahue
Mistral, God of Deserts 1-Fire, 4-Desert + 2-Death, 1-War Igneous elected Greater God in Era Omega Chris Exner
Moloch, God of Monsters 1-Nature, 1-War, 4-Monsters Ravathorn, Vadu free Lesser God Christian Brown
Mortis, Lesser God of Mortality ; Merth, Lord of Laughter (two identities) 1-Death, 1-Chaos, 4-Deception(Mortality) Null, Talarian sacrificed self to destroy Merth, Demon of Deception Charles Ofria / Bernard Donahue
Pele 1-Fire, 1-Love, 4-Volcanoes + 2-Death, 1-Desert Igneous, Dion Lesser God Cheryl Vuong
Pietro, God of Minerals and Ores 1-Fire, 4-Minerals + 2-Death Igneous disappeared to Earth during Era Centrum Peter Marx
Quake, God of Tremors 1-Fire, 4-Earthquakes + 2-Death, 1-Desert Igneous disappeared to Earth during Era Centrum Jameson Ryan / Jack Eldredge
Sekhmet, the Lioness, Goddess of Blood and Ravaging 1-War, 4-Blood Vadu disappeared immediately after marrying Valakor Kasia Szpakowska / Roselle Hurley
Valakor, Elven God of War 1-War, 1-Nature, 4-War Elves + 1-Monsters Vadu, Ravathorn disappeared immediately after marrying Sekhmet Eric Reyes

* Divine Servitors

Character Name Fate Player Name
Hamin, God of Wrath, Sentinel to the Council raised to Lesser God by Aurora in Era Centrum (1-Light, 4-Divine Wrath, +1 Sea), elected Greater God in Era Omega Andy Robinson
Hippocantus, Representative of the Void, the Demon of Honesty recalled by his demonic constituents in Era Centrum Dan Bernstein
The Keeper, Bureaucrat of the Abyss retired during Era Centrum Ray LaVoie
Mehmet Mujahid, The Wanderer successful guardian of the Memmonites Stuart Kalbrofsky

There were a few divine marriages during the game, which I'll list here rather than putting them in the "Fate" sections.

* Characters who came into existence after Creation

Character Name Spheres Origin Fate Player Name
Argophontes 1-Monsters, 1-Volcanoes, 1-Fire, 1-Love, 1-Nature, 1-War, 4-Revolution demi-god child of Pele and Moloch, raised to Lesser God by his four grandparents Dion, Igneous, Ravathorn, and Vadu ran away from home during Era Omega, whereabouts unknown Ted Blanchard
Ionic 1-Architecture, 1-Death, 4-Reconstruction demi-god child of Aedificus and Null, raised to Lesser God by his father sacrificed self in Era Omega to return father from obliteration Mark Unger

* Demons

Character Name Fate Player Name
Azathoth (Quaesitor Caeli, the Archon Aeternitatis, the Judge of Heaven) disguised as a divine servitor, returned to Void in Era Centrum to train demonic hordes for battle, destroyed at Ragnarok Bernard Donahue
Merth, Demon of Laughter (Merth, Lord of Laughter) took over one of the identities of the god Mortis/Merth, existence later cancelled out by the sacrifice of the god Mortis/Merth Bernard Donahue
Mefisto, Demon of Deals destroyed at Ragnarok Jason Nuesca
Icarus transformed into a Lesser God by action of Talarian and Igneous (1-Fire, 1-Chaos, 4-Dark Phoenix, +4 Sky), elected Greater God in Era Omega Ferret Baudoin
Whim, Demon of Randomness destroyed at Ragnarok Ian Fagan
unnamed demonic hordes destroyed at Ragnarok Mike Donahue, Alex Epstein, Lee Bennet

* Referees

Referee's Name
(and co-GM) Andy Ashcraft
David Berge
Judy Goldstein
Jeff Hammond
Robert Hurt
Colleen Kennedy
Michael Reed
Nathan Schnidman
Barry Wilson