The Gods II

An Enigma Live Game

by Scott Martin

Last updated 11/12/98


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Create the Earth! Woo worshippers! Fight epic battles! Reward and punish mortals! Scheme in heavenly politics! Plague the world with natural disasters! Save or destroy the universe! Now's your chance to do all these fun things formerly reserved to deities! For gamers who have always wanted the ultimate power trip, this is it!

The Gods II was a mixture of a live-action role-playing game, a strategic board game, and a collective exercise in creative mythology. Players interacted simultaneously as individuals in Heaven (the live-action game), as remote powers manipulating the affairs of Earth (the board game), and as the authors of stories about the gods and their doings (the creative mythology), with each aspect of the game affecting the other.

Though Gods II is over, the information below and in the connecting pages has been left pretty much as it was when the game ended.

For those who participated in the first Gods Game and are interested in providing input for the new rules, please e-mail me and let me know. I'm maintaining an address of list of interested parties; any comments will be forwarded to all members for discussion.

The following people deserve credit for the design of both the original Gods Game and continuing help on the development of Gods 2.0. For major contributions and design: Jeff Hammond and Andy Ashcraft. For excellent criticism, commentary, and suggestions: Alex Epstein, Andy Robinson, Barry Wilson, and David Berge. And, of course, all of the players and referees in the first Gods Game who served as unwitting guinea pigs. Thanks!

This is the second Gods Game (often referred to as Gods 2.0) but is not a sequel to the first game. We'll be starting from scratch with a new universe, new gods, and even a drastically revised set of rules. A separate site lists some interesting information from the first game.

The following pages exist mainly as a resource for players in the game. This site will include the latest information about the game, including an FAQ, copies of the rules, rules errata, and the ongoing myths generated by the players. In addition, I hope that others interested in live-gaming take a peek inside to see an example of an Enigma live game, though you should be warned that every game we run is different, and this game is even more unique than normal! The rules of the game are written so that anyone can run their own Gods Game. If you do use them I only ask that you attribute me and let me know about it.

If you're in the LA area and want to join the game, then look over the Introduction.

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Because the rules for The Gods are so extensive, I've prepared a set of "cheat sheets" which should be enough to get you through each era.

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