The Grand Convocation


Evil Don't Throw No Grand Balls


A Clan McInnis Production

in conjunction with:

Iandustrial Dark And Magic



On June 22nd, 1996, the time is deemed right. Prophecies spoken of only in the dankest and most hideous locations point to this time. A time for the Darkness to rise. A time for the Grand Convocation.

And so it is that the word is spread. The Grand Convocation is an event foretold in all the great thaumaturgical texts. At midnight, on June 22nd, in the caves beneath the Vatican, the ceremony to summon the forces of evil will be performed. It is a time when the walls between worlds will be weak, and those involved will determine the future of the world. Tradition demands that no force of darkness shall be excluded from the Convocation, so many have slipped into the caverns with the hope of influencing the ritual to help summon their own incarnation of evil.

Many organizations have arrived; witches, Satanists, Cthulhu worshippers, Nyarlathotep worshippers, Thuggees, voodoo doctors, and some lone wolves. Just about anyone you can think up is there. So, you can be anyone you want. Just be evil. Treachery and betrayal should be expected. Lies should be more common than the truth. Call up your friends, tell them you are putting together a cult, tell them you will be the leader. Sit down with them, write up characters together. Then rewrite your character to betray them.

While we are on the subject, if you want to head a cult, give either Brian or Ian a call. We want leaders, but you will be expected to gather followers. It is our hope that most people will be members of a cult, rather than lone wolves. There will be benefits to belonging to a cult...

And then, if you want to be in a cult, but don't feel like you know enough people, please call or e-mail Brian. He will be organizing a cult for those of you who don't know enough people.

Feel free to join more than one cult. Merely allow the game masters to know where your true loyalties lie. Even if they are only to yourself.

We also want stuff. There should be a lot of things in the game, many of them completely useless. But some of them will be necessary for the casting of certain spells and rituals. Including, of course, the items to be used in the Grand Ritual itself. Please write up (add it to your character submission) at least threee items you feel would be appropriate to your beliefs. These need to have some physical representation for your object. (so, make sure they ain't breakable.) Also, they need not be anything too fancy, for example:

  "I would like to have a piece of mandrake root, a human skull, and a candle made of human fat."

  There will be a lot of magic in this game. Ian Fagan will be dealing with this aspect of things. If you think of a spell you feel would be appropriate to your character, please submit it with your character too. There is no guarantee that you will get it, but you might... Also, if you feel you should be particularly strong or weak, please mention it explicitly in your character submission. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


Well, to quickly summarize The Grand Convocation:


The infighting began relatively early, with the "cult of immortality" - actually the Frankists, a cult devoted to bringing about the end of the world through the promulgation of evil - lining up against the unlikely alliance of the Christians for Yig, the Hand of Thanatar, and the Daughters of Ereshkigal. The infighting continued throughout the night, culminating in a huge seventeen-person brawl across the pentagram as midnight approached. The stroke of midnight arrived before the fight was resolved, and the lineup around the pentagram consisted of Cordell Bartles (of the Christians for Yig), Daniel Boorstin (aka Merlin the Magician), Silas Mourne (of the Frankists), Mohammed Pawme (of the Hand of Thanatar), Dava (the Heart of Ereshkigal), Billy Bob Schumate (of the Christians for Yig), Nigel Thorne (head of the Hand of Thanatar), a demon summoned into the body of Ulf Aybara, and another demon, summoned by Merlin the Magician, seized the top of the pentagram, and thus leadership of the ritual.

The ritual went as planned by virtually no one. Specific surprises included the attempts of Boorstin, a professed Satanist, to summon King Arthur; the attempts of Silas Mourne to summon a demon named Rovert, who few if any had ever heard of; Mohammed Pawme's implorations to Azathoth; Dava's attempt to summon Nergal, Lord of the Underworld and husband to Ereshkigal; and Merlin's demon's complete nonplussedness, having apparently not been instructed in what to do.

Cordell Bartles, Merlin, Dava, and Nigel Thorne managed to find their way to advantageous positions; Cordell was at position #2, chosen for the number of Yig's fangs; Merlin was at position #3, chosen to symbolize the Holy Trinity; Dava was at the universally coveted position #6, chosen in her case for the number of letters in Nergal; and Nigel Thorne was at position #8, advantageous for the number of letters in Thanatar.

As the summoning was completed, a mysterious three-headed being appeared in the center of the pentagram. The left head was that of Nergal, the right head that of Thanatar, and the center head and torso that of the demonic Yig. The right head and arm, controlled by Thanatar, began immediately attacking the left head and arm, controlled by Nergal, as did Dava; Thanatar, wielding a mysterious blade, severed the head of Nergal and acquired his power. Dava finished the job by plunging a ritual hook into the bloody stump, ensuring that Nergal was utterly destroyed, thus freeing her mistress Ereshkigal from her husband's enslavement.

Thanatar then turned on Yig, but was beaten off; Yig, under the tenuous control of Billy Bob and Cordell, then began his purge, slaying most of those present and beginning his thousand-year reign over Earth.



Silas Mourne managed to free Rovert, the demon trapped inside the Magic Mirror, from his imprisonment. Thanks to Randy Braun for agreeing at the last moment to play Rovert, and for staying up way past his bedtime.

The participation of Merlin, Mohammed Pawme, and the demons in the ritual will ensure that despite Yig's domination, Christianity, Satanic influence, and utter insanity will always survive, somewhere in a tiny corner of Yig's Kingdom.

Lazarus del Fuego, representative of the Fire Lords, attempted to open a space/time gate to the Sun, to scour the Earth with flames, as a last ditch attempt to stave off Yig. However, at the same time, Wynonna and Rolf, the werewolves, attempted to open a space/time gate to the Moon via the same ritual. Wynonna and Rolf, having the proper spell components, slightly overpowered Lazarus, who was forced to improvise a spiritual representation of the Earth out of the ashes of a baby fathered by a Fire Lord. (What gave him that idea, we don't know.) The Moon Goddess was unable to step through, but her power on Earth is somewhat increased. We'll keep you updated on the new high and low ocean tide levels.

Talia Tresk, sent back in time by Yig to ensure his victory at the Grand Convocation, was apparently quite successful. While this may be due to the fact that the assassin sent back after her by the human resistance apparently missed by several hours, Yig's thanks go out to her nonetheless.

Wacky Wally, used-car salesman and insane worshipper of Azathoth, didn't make it into the ritual himself, but did manage to summon one of his minions, the Shan, a race of insect worshippers of Azathoth.

Sebastian Carter, also known as Cain (of "and Abel" fame), accomplished his goal of being allowed to finally die (courtesy of the Father of Snakes.) However, before his final rest, he managed to knock out his ally, Sir Galahad, who wonked him with a sword accidentally and was promptly struck down by God.

The aliens, Terminus Huminus, Kiwi Wiki, and Zanthor Zanthor, who were masquerading as cultists but secretly attempting to determine whether they should preserve humans as a slave race or plunge straws into their heads and drink their brains and internal organs as Slurpees, decided that humans were too incredibly stupid to live. Zanthor Zanthor, driven into a mating frenzy by an unfortunate combination of Earth foods and her mating cycle suppression medication, apparently successfully mated, not that we know the details. Kiwi Wiki took the unconscious body of Merlin/Daniel Boorstin back to the mother ship, where he performed the aforementioned Slurpee activity. Kiwi ended up getting a bad stomachache from the cobra poison running through Boorstin's system, thanks to snakebite inflicted by Cordell Bartles.

Carolus Toriolanus sold his services in ritual analysis to anyone who was willing to pay, then bugged out to his domicile in Rome before the ritual was completed.

Max accomplished his goal of creating a golem to carry his soul in his next reincarnation, but was unfortunately then eaten by Yig. The golem, however, didn't prove too tasty, and Max will thus soon be showing up again, although he may be subjected to repeated and tedious Gumby jokes.

Bob Jones, an unwitting Southern Baptist student dragged along to the Convocation, completed his goal of gathering research material for his term paper in his Heretics and Unbelievers class, and then proceeded to earn massive amounts of extra credit by being eaten by Yig.


The gamemasters' thanks go out to Amy and Brian, for letting us trash their house; to SPECTRE, for joining us and helping make our live game a little bit larger and quite a bit more interesting; and to everyone who attended for not harassing us more than you did, and for making it a good game.

The gamemasters' congratulations go out to the Christians for Yig, not only for accomplishing their goal but for managing to each be killed and then return to life.

The gamemasters' pleas go out to Billy Bob Schumate and Cordell Bartlett to not inflict eternal torment upon us.