You are invited to M. Beauregard's

M. Beauregard's is a LARP set at a
speakeasy in the Los Angeles of 1928.
Help us recreate an evening of the Jazz Age,
the Roaring Twenties, Ballyhoo!

The Logistics
     The game will take place at the home of Ray and Cynthia (directions to be e-mailed) on Saturday, March 31, at 8pm, until midnight.
     Please submit a completed Character Questionnaire by March 10. The completed form, as well as any questions or suggestions may be sent to Ray Lavoie at

Some Information You May Need
     Who's playing in the game?   Check out the Cast List. Character ideas already submitted may give you ideas for your own plot hooks.
     What will the rules be?   Check out the Rules. The emphasis will be very strongly on role-playing, so the rules will be dead simple.
     Can you tell me more about Los Angeles during the '20s?   Absolutely! What would you like to know about?
          Basic LA History
          Hollywood and the Film Industry
          Shocking Scandals
          Organized Crime
Note: the information above is only intended to give a basic outline. Feel free to do additional research into any topics that interest you - I'll be happy to integrate anything you find out into the game!