Enigma has been unable to contact the artist who drew the front cover art and is thus unable to reproduce it here. Vanessa, if you're out there, please contact us!

I'll give you three guesses Mike Tice
Ordination Rebecca Strong
Zuul's Predictions for 1997 Zuul
Uncle Nasty's Sadistic Puzzle Page Uncle Nasty
Pale Apprentice Tamara Boyd
The First Date Daniel B. Rego
ENIGM Michael Donahue
Ranked list of SF books Jim Harris
Four Group Story Writing Products Enigma
untitled Vanessa Zuloaga
Are there New Myths? Alex Epstein
Spot of Trouble Mike Tice
Shameless Oscar II Plug The GM's
Enigmata           Editor: Mike"Ed" Tice
     Enigmata is the tangible record of anything and everything that the members of Enigma produce, providing only that it be amenable to two-dimensional presentation. This consists of, but is not limited to, short stories, poetry, sheet music, artwork, reviews, rants, philosophical musing and incomprehensible gibberish.
     The individual contents should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors. The entire package is copyright 1997 by me until the end of the thirteenth baktun, whereupon the world shall be destroyed by flood.
     Enigmata has no significant nutritive content.
     Thanks are due everyone who contributed something, no matter how small, to Enigmata. Without you, my job would have been a lot easier, and taken much less time.

Submissions may be made on paper, on disk, via e-mail, carrier pigeon, thought transference or other medium.
They should be sent to:
Enigmata 616 Veteran Ave. #212, LA CA 90024-1933           tice@physics.ucla.edu

Cover Art and p.21 by Vanessa Zuloaga
Art on p. 12 by Daniel Rego
Art for 'Spot of Trouble' by Andy Ashcraft


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