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Lost Book of the Old Testament Enigma
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Nearly ten inches of Brian Neil McInnis
The Founder's New Haircut Enigma
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1st Annual Enigmata Limerick Contest Enigma
Excruciating Sonnet Project edited by Mike Tice
Atropos Mike Tice
Excruciating Sonnet Project #2 Enigma
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Introduction to Enigma Mike Tice
Enigmata           Editor in Chief: Mike Tice
     Enigmata is the tangible record of anything and everything that the members of Enigma produce, providing only that it be amenable to two-dimensional presentation. This consists of, but is not limited to, short stories, poetry, sheet music, artwork, reviews, rants, philosophical musing and incomprehensible gibberish.
     The individual contents should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors. The entire package is copyright 1996 by me until December 12, 2012, whereupon the rights shall be assigned to Bort Schmidt, 21 Kartoffelstrsse, Zürich, Switzerland.
     The contents are sold by weight, not by volume. Some unsettling may have occured during shipping.
     The editor wishes to thank everyone who contributed something, no matter how small, to Enigmata. Without you, my job would hav ebeen a lot easier, and taken much less time. The editor also owes enormous quantities of gratitude to the previous editor, Michael Reed. He raised the bar for what Enigmata should be and look like. His shoes were so hard to fill that they haven't been for lo these many years. I hope that some day, Enigma will look on me as the editor who lowered the bar again. Many thanks are also owed to Scott Martin for his invaluable assistance in the actual production of the physical object now before you.
     Submissions may be made on paper, on disk, via e-mail, carrier pigeon, or nearly any other medium. They should be sent to:
Enigmata 616 Veteran Ave. #212, LA CA 90024-1933 
Warning! Do not feed Enigmata after midnight!
Enigmata should not be used internally!
Do not tease Enigmata!     Enigmata uses all-natural 100% pork fat!
This issue of Enigmata has a rest energy equivalent to 200 lbs of TNT!


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