The Kinder, Gentler Editor
Michael A. Reed

Saying Goodbye
Rachel Landis

Uncle Nasty's Sadistic Puzzle Page
Mike Tice

The Darkening of the Light
Kyri Freeman

Enigmata's Guide to Roommate Relations

  Poets' Corner

Enigmata's Book Review
Scott Martin

Li'l Scat
Greg van Eekhout

An Infinite Number Of Monkeys
edited by Me

The Tragedy of Shakespeare's King Arthur
Greg van Eekhout

The Anti-Column
The Sacred Order of NST

Enigmata is a collection of short fiction, poetry, silliness, artwork, and First Amendment abuses, published twice quarterly by Enigma, the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Whatever Club of UCLA. It is solely responsible for these contents, though they've already denied everything and blamed me.TM

The guy to lavish ungodly praise on for doing all this:

Michael A. Reed

Cover Art: "ldap" series, Internet
Inside artwork: "Portraits" by Andy Ashcraft
"Enigma comix" by Michael Johnson
Others by Eleanor Nason

Enigmata Issue Four was recorded Live at the Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles
Digitally Remastered at Kinsey Towers, Ltd.
A presentation of 120 Minutes, ©1993 MTV Networks
THX available in select theaters. Temporary loss of hearing or sanity while reading this is your own fault

Enigmata is printed on 100% paper (so there).

Special Thanks To: Greg van Arizonan (nuff said), Valkyrie, Scott of E-mail, Mike "Uncle Nasty" Tice, DebLev, Andee (moral support and auxiliary ego boost), Dave Alt-dude (I hate you but you got me to do it), Brian the Red, Michael J, Rachel, Takako (my loveliest fan), the clergy of NST, Eleanor, Robert (I'll think about it), Rand-O, Washington University, NUTS, The Mad Scribe, Ashley, Mike's Madness, Carolus Roman, the US Department of Defense, and anyone else who was, is, or will be ever a part of Enigmata.

Amazingly, no coffee or methamphetamines were involved in the making of this journal.

Enigmata Volume 7, Issue 4

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