What Is It Like To Be A Jealous God...
Michael A. Reed

[Expletive Deleted]
Greg van Eekhout

Uncle Nasty's Sadistic Puzzle Page
Mike Tice

Winterish Schedule

Driving Offensively
Aaron Vanek

Letters to the Editor

Poets' Corner

Contribution Suggestions

Skinhead Hamlet

  Guide to Enigmaville
Robert Hurt

Kyri Freeman

A Tribute to Eternal Damnation (collage)
Andy Ashcraft

Mike Tice

An Infinite Number Of Monkeys
edited by Me

House Hunting
Greg van Eekhout

The Anti-Column
The Sacred Order of NST

Enigmata is a collection of short fiction, poetry, silliness, artwork, and First Amendment abuses, published twice quarterly by Enigma, the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Whatever Club of UCLA. It is solely responsible for these contents, though they've already denied everything and blamed me.TM

Supreme Being (Editor Plane): Michael A. Reed

Cover Art: "CyberPort"
Recorded at Twentieth Century Fox Production Studios, Earth
Digitally Remastered at Kinsey Towers, Ltd.
Also available on Warner Home Video featuring amazing MeSurround Audio Technology
Some scenes may not be suitable for childern. Parental discretion.. is advised.

Enigmata is printed on 100% non-recyclable paper.

Special Thanks To: GregVanE (times two), Andee, (Val)Kyri(e), Mike T-Bone, Aaron the Guy, the Writer's Workshop, DebLev, Robert the Gravely Mistaken, NST and the Entire Back Page Again, Ltd. (sim), TakakoTM, Eleanor, Mark and his mighty disk, Rand-O, Scott, George Carlin, Ashley, Snickers, TrueType, and anyone else who was, is, or will be ever a part of Enigmata.

Several animals and lots of trees were harmed in the making of this journal.

Enigmata Volume 7, Issue 3

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