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  The Nearly Official Enigma Puerility Test
Michael A. Reed

Though Her Body Die
Takako Nagumo

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Greg van Eekhout

An Infinite Number Of Monkeys
edited by Michael A. Reed

House Hunting
Greg van Eekhout

The Anti-Column
The Sacred Order of NST

Enigmata is a collection of short fiction, poetry, silliness, artwork, and First Amendment abuses, published twice quarterly by Enigma, the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Whatever Club of UCLA. It is solely responsible for its content, though they'll deny everything and blame me.TM

(AND Publisher, AND Layout Designer, AND Typesetting, Creative Impetus, Contributing Writer, Producer, Chief Exectutive Officer, Director, Casting Rep, Lighting, Sound, Dog Trainer, and Best Boy),

Michael A. Reed

Cover Art: "New World"
Recorded at Columbia Pictures, Los Angeles
Digitally Remastered at Kinsey Towers, Ltd.
Some material (c)1992 Duck Monolith Productions

Special Thanks To: GregVanE, Kyri, the Writer's Workshop, Rand-O, Amy, Greg, NST, Kako, Debbie, Brian the Red, Greg, Scott, AndyMan, National Lampoon, Michael Palin, Greg, Terry Jones, Ashley, and anyone else who was, is, or will be ever a part of Enigmata. And Greg.

No animals were harmed in the making of this journal.

All written material, artwork, slander, and libel contained herein is either made up by me, or reproduced with or without permission from their original sources. So sue me.TM

Enigmata Volume 7, Issue 2

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