The Editor Who Just Won't Shut Up
Michael A. Reed

Bank Notes from the Underground
Chris Winslow

The Brian Page
Brian Tatosky

Enigma: A User's Guide

Ask Mr. SmartGuy
Randy Braun

Enigmata Book of the Month Club
Michael A. Reed

Poets' Corner

  Dawn Brings a Sullen Light
Greg van Eekhout

Deafening Silence
Takako Nagumo

An Infinite Number Of Monkeys
edited by Michael A. Reed

Reality Check
Aaron Vanek

Letters from the Editor
Michael A. Reed

Closing Remarks

The Anti-Column
The Sacred Order of NST

Enigmata is a collection of short fiction, poetry, silliness, artwork, and First Amendment abuses, published twice quarterly by Enigma, the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Whatever Club of UCLA. It is solely responsible for its content, though they'll deny everything and blame me.
Creative Impetus
The Pope
Cover Art
Interior Illustrations
  Michael A. Reed
Me again
Take a wild guess..
Do I have to do everything?
Pat Mannion (Okay, not everything)
"Time Traveler" by David Palermo
Greg van Eekhout (pp.6,14,17,19,21,23)
Amy Creamer (p.10), Eleanor Nason (p.11)
Recorded at Geffen Studios, Hollywood
Digitally Remastered at Kinsey Towers, Ltd.

Special Thanks To: Robert ("I have no time"), DavidJ, Rand-O, AndyMandy, David Palermo, Kako, Gregorovich, Aaron-NOT (Heheh. Juuuuust kidding, Aaron. Put down the knife), National Lampoon, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Ashley, and anyone else who was, is, or will be ever a part of Enigmata.

All written material, artwork, slander, and libel contained herein is either made up by me, or reproduced with or without permission from their original sources. So sue me.

Enigmata Volume 7, Issue 1

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