Motovation: Greg van Eekhout

Cover Art and Lino-Block Prints
by Andy Ashcraft

Typesetting: Steve Smith & Brian Tatosky


A is for Advertisement by Randy Braun
B is for Bat by Wendy Hitz
C is for Concerto by Shawn Heslin
D is for Dying by Amy Creamer
E is for Enigma by Robert Hurt
F is for Fey-child by Kirsten Hageleit
G is for Green by Scott Martin
H is for Hate by Steve Smith
I is for Idiot by Andy Ashcraft
J is for Junk by Brant Nelson
K is for Kite by Kirsten Hageleit
L is for Liposuction by Aaron Vanek
M is for Mental by Greg van Eekhout
N is for Normal by Brian Tatosky
O is for Oppenheimer by Joe Mafi
P is for Petricide by Eric Spuur
Q is for Typos by Steve Mandel
R is for Reflections by Tamara Boyd
S is for Stark Raving Mad by Pat Mannion
T is for Tome by Robert Hurt
U is for Up, Up and Awake by Greg van Eekhout
V is for Valet Parking by Chris Winslowe
X is for Xenophobe by Brian Tatosky
Y is for Yahoo by Jay Kotliar
W is for Why by Scott Martin
Z is for Zion by Steve Mandel


Enigma - The Science Fiction and Fantasy Club of UCLA
A publication of Enigmata
Fall 1990 - All rights reserved by the Authors.

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