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Updated 12/1/98


Club Overview and Organization

Welcome to the web site for Enigma, the UCLA Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club! You're probably wondering what we're all about. Well, according to our constitution, Enigma "provides a forum for discussion, exploration, and social activities; brings professional writers, scientists, designers, and artists to meet with members; and encourages and assists members in the creative aspects of science fiction, fantasy, and gaming." All true, but now for the real answer.

Enigma is basically a bunch of people interested in all that off-beat stuff that tends to get ignored by the mainstream (we prefer the term "mundane") world. Under "science fiction and fantasy" we include all of their myriad manifestations: books, short stories, film, television, animation, games, computers, costuming, etc. We also include all the many sub-genres of SF&F: horror, cyberpunk, comedy, and whatever else anyone finds interesting.

Enigma is a place for those interested in any or all of these topics to get together, talk, do various fun and inane stuff, and hopefully make new friends.

The official part of the club is organized by three officers and various "ministers". These people run the weekly meetings, administer Enigma's online activities, maintain the Enigma Library, edit and publish the club's journal/newsletter Enigmata, and generally keep things going.

In addition to these official activities, Enigma serves as an umbrella organization for any and all types of events planned by its members. See the sections on Events and Games for descriptions of some of these activities, or the Creative section for the inventive output of Enigman imaginations.