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Updated 8/7/03


Club Officers

Enigma is haphazardly governed by three officers elected each year. Quick summaries of their duties are listed here; see Article VI of the Enigma constitution for complete details. Officers for the 2003/2004 year are:

  • Sean Diaz-Lapham, President
  • Matt Khalil, Administrative Coordinator
  • Eric Scamman, Publicity Officer

In addition to the three officers, Enigma has a variable number of "ministers" who handle much of the club's routine business. Ministers are described in Article VII of the Enigma constitution.

  • Kevin Eustice, Librarian (maintains the Enigma Library)
  • David Jedynak, Enigmata Editor (publishes Enigmata)
  • Mike Tice, Chief Literary Scholar of Enigma (coordinates the Writers' Workshop)
  • Scott Martin, Webmaster (maintains the Enigma web pages)
  • Colleen Kennedy, Guardian of the Phone List (maintains club phone list) and Reading Group Lass (coordinates book discussions at meetings)
  • Judy Adler, Frisbee Coordinator (organizes ultimate frisbee games)
  • Ian, E-Master (runs Enigma listservs)