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Updated 11/20/03


Enigma on the Internet

In addition to the Enigma web pages and a general e-mail address (enigma@ucla.edu), Enigma has two e-mail listservs on the Internet: a main list for club business and announcements and a chat list for random discussions, humor, and flame wars. These two lists often serve as the primary method of announcing and/or planning Enigma activities.

To subscribe to the lists, use the following links:
       Main List: enigma-l
       Chat List: enigma-l
(Note that both of those list names end in a lower-case letter L, not the numeral one.)

In addition to keeping Enigma members apprised of the latest news, gossip, humor, or complaints, the Enigma listservs keep the club in touch with its extended membership, Enigmans who have moved on from UCLA into the "real world", though some of us doubt that such a thing exists. Long-distance Enigmans currently live in many parts of California, scattered across the U.S. (including notable enclaves in Phoenix and Boston), and even a few other continents.