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Updated 12/23/02



A list of Enigma members' web pages

The Academia of Ferret [Ferret Baudoin]
Karl Bilawski's Home Page
Welcome to Shawn and Colleen's! [Shawn and Colleen Crosby]
[Marc DeVincentis]
Crafty Screenwriting [Alex Epstein]
my paradigm [Kevin Eustice]
Smaug's Lair [Kevin Flanagan]
Rober Hurt's Web Pages
Pope Pat [Pat Mannion]
Scott Martin's Home Page
Dewdrops [Brant Nelson]
The FloatingHouse Front Porch [Ryan Oba and Naomi Weiss]
Web Pages of Daniel B. Rego
The Disembodied Brain in a Fluid-Filled Jar's Cool Page of Cute Chicks and Farm Animals!!!(LOWDUUB HQ) [Mike Rosen-Molina]
Kitsune 25's Den [Dory Schachner]
The Mike Page [Michael Tice]
Greg's Page [Greg VanEekhout]
Return to Innsmouth [Aaron Vanek]
Chris's Beer Garden [Chris Winslow]

Other Related Groups in the Area
This is by no means a complete list -- LA is blessed with a plethora of science fiction and gaming clubs. These are simply the groups with which Enigma has had some significant contact or overlap.

S.P.E.C.T.R.E., the CalTech Science Fiction Club
LASFS, the LA Science Fantasy Society
Cal-Animage Eta, the UCLA Japanese Animation Club
Lux Radio Theater

A list of Internet directories which have listed Enigma

Fandom Directory
Chimera, the UNC Science Fiction club