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Live-Action Role-Playing Games

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One of the best attended Enigma activities, a Live-Action Role-Playing Game (or just "live game") is a role-playing extravaganza lasting anywhere from three to ten hours. Players actually dress up in costume and act out the part of their character throughout the entire game. No dice, no character sheets, just you and the other players interacting with a few simple rules to simulate things like combat, magic, technical skills, etc.

Live games are usually planned months in advance, and gamemasters often write intricate plots based on characters turned in by the players. Games have been run in numerous genres, including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, historical, and popular fictional worlds such as Star Trek, Cthulhu, Dune, Amber, and Sandman. Some of the past games listed below include links to other information provided by the gamemasters and/or pictures from the game. We've also gathered together some live gaming resources from the collected wisdom of Enigma's gaming experience.

Upcoming Games
To participate in a game, see the individual gamemasters for that game. If you're interested in running your own, just bring up your idea at an Enigma meeting. People there can get you in touch with experienced gamemasters who can provide you with helpful advice (and warnings!).

Aug 16, 2003 -
Jun 26, 2004
Miskatonic University Mike Tice
Apr 3, 2004 Tarnished Chrome: Live-Action Roleplaying in the Late Twenty-First Century Ian, Ray Lavoie, Richard Becker
Aug 2-7, 2004 The Ziegler Unit: A LARP of The Cthulhu Mythos Richard Becker
Sep 25, 2004 Dark Tomorrows: A LARP of The Cthulhu Mythos Richard Becker
Oct 9, 2004 Renewal Christian Brown
Nov 6, 2004 Who Killed The Princes in the Tower? Ray Lavoie, Cynthia Chamberlin

Past Games
Note: This list does not include live games which were special sessions of ongoing "paper and dice" or e-mail role-playing campaigns. Games which took place on more than one day list only the dates of the first and last sessions. Links below are to informational pages written by the GMs, usually before the game though they may include post-game updates. The photo icons lead to a section of the Enigma online memorabilia collection. You can also see a central listing of
photos from Enigma live games.

Dec 6, 2003 AS Cleopatra Hal and Karen Bowman
Nov 15, 2003 Vienna Decision Ray Lavoie, Cynthia Chamberlin
Oct 4, 2003 A Dream of Averoigne Richard Becker
Sep 6, 2003 Spirited Away: the Live Game Aaron Vanek, Kirsten Hageleit
Aug 2, 2003 Checkmate, Charlie Ray Lavoie, Cynthia Chamberlin
Feb 24, 2003 Afterlife Alvin Chen
Feb 8, 2003 Arrr! More Pirates! Ian and Brian McInnis
Jan 25, 2003 Scooby Doo Cthulhu Karen and Hal Bowman
Jan 25, 2003 BurgerMeister Karen and Hal Bowman
Nov 9, 2002 The Threshold: A LARP of the Cthulhu Mythos Richard Becker
Aug 17, 2002 Sunnydale High School Reunion Richard Becker
Jun 22, Jul 27, Aug 24 2002 Waltz of Nations Ray Lavoie and Cynthia Chamberlin
Apr 13, 2002 Ninja High School, Episode 4: The Party Scott Martin
Feb 23, 2002 Last Days Christian Brown
Feb 2, 2002 Lincoln 1875 Lee Bennett, Judy Adler, Andy Ashcraft, Hal Bowman
Jan 7, 2002 (during the Enigma meeting) Ninja High School, Episode 3: Lunch! Scott Martin
Dec 8, 2001 The Persistence of Memory Richard Becker
Nov 10, 2001 Hogwarts the Live Game Pat Mannion, Aaron Vanek, Christian Brown, Cyrus Naim, Ian, Kevin Eustice, Kirsten Hageleit, Ray Lavoie, Scott Martin
Oct 20, 2001 Arabian Nights-Ramadan Richard Becker
Mar 31, 2001 M. Beauregard's Ray Lavoie
Jan 27, 2001 Lankhmar: Carnival of Swords Scott Martin
Aug 5, 2000 Samurai Matsuri Amy Creamer
Jul 29, 2000 Starship Christian Brown, Pat Mannion
Mar 18, 2000 Murder on the Road to Santiago Ray Lavoie, Cynthia Chamberlin
Feb 5, 2000 I was a Teenage Monster from Outer Space Karen Bowman, Hal Bowman
Jan 15, 2000 Camlann Eve Alex Epstein
Aug 27, 1998 - Nov 13, 1999 Castle Falkenstein Ray Lavoie, Ian
Sep 11, 1999 the 29 steps: a modern-day Lovecraftian mystery Mike Tice
Aug 21, 1999The Sultan's Funeral Pyre Amy Creamer
Jul 24, 1999 ImperiumScott Martin
Jun 19, 1999 Silver and SageAaron Vanek, Kirsten Hageleit Denny
Dec 31, 1998 Leonardo's Hands, a Game of the Millennium Tamara Boyd
Oct 17, 1998 A Confederacy of Spirit Christian Brown
Sep 27, 1998 A Family Affair Scott Martin
Jul 18, 1998 Sandman 3: Brief Lives Andy Ashcraft, Lee Bennett, Kevin Flanagan, Lesley Mathieson
Nov 1, 1997 Moonlight on the Ister Mike Tice
Oct 20, 1997 ARRR! PIRATES! Ian, Brian McInnis
Oct 17, 1997 -
May 9, 1998
Gods II Scott Martin
Aug 2, 1997 Sandman 2.5: World's End Andy Ashcraft, Lesley Mathieson, Kevin Flanagan, Lee Bennett
May 31, 1997 Sorcery Christian Brown
Mar 22, 1997 Oscar II Rebecca Strong, Mike Tice
Oct 12, 1996 -
May 10, 1997
The Gods Scott Martin
Jun 22, 1996 The Grand Convocation Brian McInnis, Ian
Apr 30, 1996 Ninja High School: ChemLab Scott Martin
Mar 23, 1996 Oscar Mike Tice, Rebecca Strong
Apr 22, 1995 The Beautiful and the Damned (Vampire) Jay Negro, Andy Ashcraft, John Thompson
Jan 14, 1995Last Chance for Humanity Mike Tice
Nov 14, 1994 Ninja High School: the Substitute Scott Martin
Aug 1994 Leonard's Leavings Ian
?? 1994 Roma Nova Amy Creamer
May 21, 1994 Fam Biz Pat Mannion, Joe Mafi, Brant Nelson
Winter 1994 Sandman II: a Game of You Andy Ashcraft, Lesley Mathieson, Debbie Levine
Feb 1994Paranoia Pat Mannion, Joe Mafi, Ian
Oct 1993 Space Opera III: Mission Earth Scott Martin, Jason Nuesca
Sep 1993 Millennium Rebecca Strong
Jul 1993 Sandman: Season of Mists Robert Hurt, Aaron Vanek
May 22, 1993 Yesterday's Surrender (Star Trek: TNG scenario) Harry Teplitz, Michael Reed, Steve Vincena, Mike Tice
Apr 24, 1993 Madame Ling's Dragon Palace Amy Creamer
Feb 20, 1993 Super-hero Scott Martin, John Thompson
Jan 1993 HellrpgAndy Ashcraft, Pat Mannion, Joe Mafi
Jan 1993Star Wars II: March of the Grand Admirals Ferret Baudoin
Nov 1992 Renaissance 1494 Amy Creamer
Oct 1992 Boar's Head Tavern (re-make) Scott Martin
Sep 26, 1992Gulf Wars II: The Kuwaitis Strike Back Ferret Baudoin, Scott Martin
Summer 1992 23 Skidoo Mike Tice
Aug 4, 1992Shadowrun Matt Steele, David Altman
Summer 1992 GAME Harry Teplitz, Steve Vincena, Michael Reed
Summer 1992 Prisoner Harry Teplitz
Jun 1992 Amber Ferret Baudoin
June 20, 1992 Space Opera II: Journey to El Dorado Scott Martin, Jason Nuesca
Mar 1992 Star TrekRobert Hurt, Scott Martin
Feb 1992 Star Wars I Ferret Baudoin, Kyle Haight
Feb 1992Dune Harry Teplitz, Andy Ashcraft
Jan 1992 Groovy Cthulhu MikeTice
December '91 Dimensional Rip Bar II Steve Mandel
Nov 1991 Film NoirBrian Tatosky
Summer 1991 Spy GameHarry Teplitz
July 20, 1991 Enigma Murder Mystery Scott Martin
Summer 1991 untitled outdoor fantasy adventure Rob Wiese, Scott Martin
Winter 1991 Cthulhu II Matt Steele
Dec 14, 1990 Space Opera I: Invasion of Atremis Scott Martin, Jason Nuesca
Oct 31, 1990 Cyberpunk I Pat Mannion, Sean Young
Summer 1990Dimensional Rip Bar Steve Mandel
Summer 1990 Agatha Christie Murder Mystery Rob Wiese
Winter 1990 Cthulhu I Matt Steele, AaronVanek
Oct 21, 1989 Boar's Head Tavern Scott Martin, Rob Wiese
Winter 1989 untitled Science Fiction bar scenario Eric Nielsen, Andy Ashcraft
Fall 1988 Tales from the Wild Bear Inn Scott Martin, Brian Tatosky
Summer 1988 Death of an ArchmageScott Martin