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Updated 5/24/05


In addition to the following spurious tale, Enigma maintains an extensive online archive of scanned photos, mostly collected at the infamous Enigmaversary, Enigma's blow-out 10-year anniversary celebration. Information about past live games is available from the live gaming page, and there are plans to place selections from past issues of Enigmata on the web.

The History of Enigma

Enigma is the brainchild of Robert Hurt, a former UCLA graduate student in astrophysics, now known affectionately as Doctor Hurt. In the fateful year of 1985, Robert discovered that his life was incomplete, lacking in the invigorating social stimulation he had so enjoyed in Chimera, the SF&F club at UNC in Chapel Hill.

In his quest for fulfillment, Robert explored many alternative philosophies, but found none that truly matched his high expectations. Then one day, the light of inspiration struck Robert from on high, and thus was Enigma born! In the words of the All-Father himself, "I figured that if I didn't start up a club like this I'd end up only knowing people in the physics department, and face it, there just aren't enough women in physics."

Thus Robert gathered unto himself those of like mind, and brought them together in Ackerman Union. Yea verily, the truth was brought to the people and verily were they pleased, for this was Enigma, the likes of which had never been seen and shall never be equalled again! Amen brothers and sisters!

Enigma has been through many trials and tribulations in the years since. The Age of the Disappearing Presidents, the Rebellion of NST, the Diaspora of the Old Ones, the Age of Apathy, the Founding of Enigmaville, the Great Tatosky Crisis of '92, the Arrival of the Minions, the Not-so-Scourging Flame of Aaron the Apostate, the Second Age of Apathy, the Year Without a Con, the Lost Summer, the Spread of the Magic(TM) Heresy, the Scottish Interregnal Tyranny, the Enigmaversary, the Frisbee Flame War, Wedding: the Live Game, the Attack of the Mikendory, the Dueling Millennium Parties, the Third Age of Apathy, the Revival Years, the Mini/MaxiCons and the Dilithium Chefs, and the Great Spawning, all have been weathered by the steadfast members of Enigma.