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Updated 12/1/98


The Enigmaversary,
The Decennial Celebration of Enigma

OK, so it really occurred 11 years after the club started. Better late than never! Hosted by Robert Hurt and Tamara Boyd, the Enigmaversary was held on February 22, 1996. The estimated attendance was 75 Enigmans! The party lasted much of the day and continued the next day with what came to be known as the "uber-game", the biggest damn game of ultimate frisbee ever played by Enigma. Sections below include photos from the party, messages from those who couldn't attend in person, and the e-mail announcements that led up to the Enigmaversary.

The original Enigmaversary logo:

Photos from the Party (photos and titles courtesy of Rachel Landis)
  • ADORable
  • The AllFather speaks
  • Enigma's divorced ones
  • Evil (or just confused) Ian
  • Evil Randy Head
  • Ray's Women
  • Rick and Tamara
  • Steve speaks
  • Randy sleeps
  • Tamara and Mike
  • The many photographs which were brought to and displayed at the Enigmaversary have all been scanned into digital format. They provide the bulk of the images available in the other photo archive collections.

    Messages From Afar
    Though the interactive, online aspects of the Enigmaversary didn't quite pan out, we did receive the following messages from those who couldn't attend.

    Announcements & Info
    Here's a haphazard collection of info for the party...