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Updated 6/28/01



To showcase the artistic endeavours of Enigma, the club produces a quarterly newletter known as Enigmata, which features fiction, artwork, poetry, interviews, and non-fiction from fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Enigmata is currently on volume 11 of production. See Current Issues, Back Issues, and Advertising.

Current Issues
(Click on specific issues to see full-size images of the covers, which include listings of the contents.)

v.10 no.2, Winter 1999

v.10 no.3, Spring 1999

v.11 no.1, Fall 1999

Issues are available from editor David Jedynak (Editor@enigmata-online.com). Direct sales are $1. Mail orders are $2 for one issue, $3 for two (includes S&H).

Submissions, suggestions, complaints, and advertising inquiries can be sent to the following e-mail addresses:

Back Issues
There is an ongoing project to put back issues of Enigmata online after they've been in print for one year. The following issues of Enigmata are currently available online:

The following issues have individual articles or artwork available online but are still mostly incomplete:

For information on continuing work to digitize the rest, see the Enigmata Back Issues Project page. See also the Writing Projects page regarding Enigma's group writing projects.

If you are interested in carrying or advertising in Enigmata (we have unbelievably low rates!), please send e-mail to