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Updated 7/25/01


Creative Output

One of the goals of Enigma is to "encourage and assist members in the creative aspects of science fiction, fantasy, and gaming". In pursuit of this goal, Enigma as a whole or subgroups thereof have embarked on any number of creative projects in the fields of fine arts, literature, and performing arts. Some of it's just for fun (and shows it!) and some of it is (in our own humble opinion) actually quite good. The fact that a number of Enigmans have sold their writings, found work as graphic artists, or been invited to perform at various venues seems to prove that others agree.

In order to support those with literary pretentions, Enigma has a writers' workshop and a quarterly newsletter/journal called Enigmata. In addition, Enigma has occassionally embarked on various group writing projects.

For those who are more performance oriented, Enigma has done a number of video projects (including one that actually made it onto a commercially-sold collection!). Enigma also once had its own comedy troop, the Enigma Players, which performed regularly at local science fiction conventions. Though now inactive, many former members have gone on to form Lux Radio Theater. Some of the artistic endeavors of Enigmans can be found scattered among the scanned images from past EnigmaCons in the photo archive, in the form of flyer and program artwork.