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Club Constitution

Article I: Purpose

Enigma exists for members of the UCLA community interested in speculative fiction, future science, and simulation games in all their varied media and forms. Enigma provides a forum for discussion, exploration, and social activities; brings professional writers, scientists, designers, and artists to meet with members; and encourages and assists members in the creative aspects of science fiction, fantasy, and gaming.

Article II: Non-Discrimination

Enigma, the UCLA Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club, does not discriminate on any basis for purposes of membership, operations, activities, policies, and/or practices, except in regard to UCLA status for club officers (see article IV).

Article III: Membership

All UC students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their guests are eligible to join. Members receive a nifty membership card, a listing in the Enigma phone list, use of the Enigma library, and the right to participate in official club votes. Membership is not a requirement for participation in club meetings or other events. Upon request non-members, including former members who wish to stay in touch with the club, may be listed on the Friends of Enigma section of the phone list. Updated copies of both phone lists will be made available to all members at least once per quarter.

Article IV: Operations

Enigma holds a club meeting every week during the academic quarters and summer sessions. Meetings may or may not be scheduled during finals weeks and intersessions as members wish. Meetings consist of a business portion and an activity. In addition, various activities are held at irregular intervals outside meetings.

The meeting activity schedule for each quarter will be planned during the meeting on the ninth week of the previous quarter. Once finalized, the meeting activity schedule must be communicated to the Minister of Publicity. Activities for fall quarter are tentatively planned in spring and finalized over the summer.

Meetings held during summer sessions may or may not have activities depending on interest.

Article V: Voting Procedures

All club decisions requiring a vote (including elections, changes in club meeting times, amendment of this constitution, and other major issues) are decided by a simple majority vote of all members present at the meeting. Votes must be announced to the club at least one week in advance, both at the previous meeting and over the Enigma list server. Elections for club officers will be held each year at the meeting during the sixth week of spring quarter.

Article VI: Officers

The three club officers must be current students, faculty, or staff of UCLA. Terms of office last for one year, beginning from the end of spring quarter. The period between election and induction of new officers will be used to train new officers and plan a smooth transfer of responsibilities. In fall quarter, club officers must attend a mandatory orientation session held by the Center for Student Programming at which they will sign their names on official University recognition documents.

Officers who are temporarily unable to fulfill their duties should arrange for other club members to perform those duties in their absence. In the event of an officer's resignation, a new officer will be elected as soon as possible. If an officer flakes out, that officer may be removed from office by a majority vote.

The three officers are the president, the administrative coordinator, and the publicity officer. In addition to these generic titles, each officer may choose another title for everyday use.

The President

The president is in charge of overall club organization and serves as a back-up to all other officers and ministers. The president runs the business portion of weekly club meetings, oversees the creation of the quarterly activity schedule, and delegates as much as possible to other members.

The Administrative Coordinator

The administrative coordinator is responsible for completing, submitting, and maintaining all official club paperwork, including club sponsorship, room assignments, and funding requests and records.

Publicity Officer

The publicity officer coordinates all club publicity and recruitment, including flyers, Daily Bruin announcements, orientations sessions, Bruin Walk soliciting, the Enigma Web pages, the Enigma listserver, et al.

Article VII: Ministers

Ministers perform a wide variety of tasks for the club. In addition to the specific positions listed below, the club may create any number of permanent, irregular, or ad hoc minister positions to handle any club responsibilities.

Ministers are selected each year at the meeting during the sixth week of spring quarter, after officers have been elected. Ministers are selected by consensus from among volunteers. Elections are only held if there is disagreement. Individuals may hold more than one ministry position and specific positions may be split among more than one person.

All club officers and ministers are free to appoint any number of associate ministers (with titles of their own choosing) to assist in their duties. All members are encouraged to participate in the club organization by assuming a ministry position of some sort.

Ministers who are temporarily unable to fulfill their duties should arrange for other club members to perform those duties in their absence. In the event of a minister's resignation, a new minister will be selected as soon as possible. If a minister flakes out, that minister may be removed from office by a majority vote.

In addition to these generic titles, each minister may choose another title for everyday use.

Minister of Membership

The Minister of Membership maintains the Enigma membership/phone list, which also includes the Friends of Enigma section. He is also responsible for ensuring that all new members are made welcome and included in all club activities.


The librarian maintains the club library, makes available to members a catalog of the library's holdings, and loans library materials to members upon request.

Enigmata Editor

The Enigmata editor creates Enigmata, the Enigma newsletter, whenever she has enough material to warrant an issue.

EnigmaCon Chair

The EnigmaCon Chair runs EnigmaCon, Enigma's not-so-annual science fiction and gaming convention. EnigmaCon is only held if a majority of members agree to work on the convention during the early weeks of fall quarter and if at least four members (beyond the EnigmaCon Chair) agree to serve on the Convention Committee.

Activities Ministers

This category includes any ministers who assist the president by planning and running club activities.

Article VIII: Club Finances

All club monies are managed by the administrative coordinator. All club financial records will be made available to authorized University officials upon request.